Raspberry PI: PIXEL desktop now for PC and Mac available [Full Guide]

that has raspberry PI Foundation announced that the PIXEL desktop now available for PC and Mac (hardware) is available. The vision was always to be able to offer a complete desktop computer for less than 40 euros. So many resources have been invested in an own software stack and the bottom line the new desktop for the raspberry came out PI. Most PI owners know the latest surface. I really like it. It is reactive and raspberry a small desktop do indeed from a PI 3 .

PIXELS for Raspbian and the raspberry PI

with PIXELS, the developers wanted to create an easy-to-use, modern resource-saving desktop environment. That succeeded them. Chromium is running with Flash including, PIXEL is based on Debian, and there are very very many software packages.

PIXEL Desktop für Raspbian (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

PIXEL desktop for Raspbian (source: raspberrypi.org)

now has the raspberry PI Foundation further thought one step and wanted to make PIXELS available to users, which does not necessarily a raspberry PI insert. There are more precisely as much hardware (older, but still good), absolutely super running on Debian. Now, developers of PIXELS have a small Christmas gift for owners of such hardware.

PIXELS for x 86 install

In principle you need to download only the image (Jessie of Debian GNU/Linux for x 86) and write the image with etcher or any other method on a USB stick. You can then boot your PC from this USB flash drive. Who can buy the latest issue of the English-speaking magazine of MagPi, you will get a bootable DVD with Jessie x 86 and PIXELS. However, most users in Germany will not have this option.

in official announcement specify the developer that runs Debian i386 with PIXELS on a ThinkPad X 40. Older machines may be equipped at least with 512 MB memory / RAM. As an example,

the developers specify that the new desktop can run on the PCs of a school. Students can take home projects and on the raspberry PI continue this, develop or whatever.

of course, it is possible to operate the image in a virtual machine such as VirtualBox for example. So that you can test.


who the desktop by a USB stick will start, can look forward about persistence. The system takes the free disk space and thus can save files between two sessions. There is created a special partition for it. The boot menu provides the options to boot with or without persistence. Also, there is the possibility to be able to delete the partition. If you do that, you’re basically a clean installation again. Who starts from DVD, of course can not use this function.

Mit oder ohne Persistenz? (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

with or without persistence? (Source: raspberrypi.org)

note on some modern Macs is the media not as bootable. It should be issued an update in the foreseeable future, that takes care of this problem.

Nice PI-constellation

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