Opinion: why the closure of area download is a good thing

area download, the biggest site of illegal downloads in France, was closed this week. A huge favorite of net realized by the gendarmerie in collaboration with the authorities of different countries. Many Internet users are disappointed by this closure, but ultimately it’s a good thing, and told you why. 

zone telechargement fermeture

some scream scandal, believing that the force has better things to do than to take care of such things, as “stalk the jihadists” for example. Others don’t care, they have already found new alternatives to get their favorite free works.

Nonetheless that this whole case revived the debate around the issues of illegal downloading. Many Internet users find it quite normal, while others are totally against. The rights of artists, creators are important, and all merit pay work.

I am one of those who believe that all work merit pay and area download closing is a good thing . The reasons that drive users to illegally download are quite understandable, it prevents that today ‘ today things have changed a lot compared to a few years ago.

The people behind these sites are most of the defenders of freedom, the contents are not always of good quality, and the legal offer has expanded considerably. And not to mention that all of this is illegal!

It’s illegal!

Illegal downloading is so tucked in manners that the illegal side has lost all meaning. As if the fact that content are virtual withdraws any liability to users. There only to see the number of french who have already downloaded illegally. Total 10 million acknowledged have already resorted to this practice.

Yet, it is vol. not sure these 10 million french have already well dare to enter a shop to steal products who tried them and for which they did not want to cost a few euros. One thing is almost certain, not all these 10 million french have stolen DVDs at FNAC or in the crossroads of the corner.

Be behind my computer and steal virtual content rest of the flight. Internet freedom we were talking about at the beginning of this revolution is more than a hackneyed speech which serves as excuse to those who do not bear to play thieves. And besides, those who are at the helm of sites like download area are not defenders of freedom . They are just thugs.

Administrators are not defenders of freedom, are the rogue

no, Robin Hood did not live in a castle when he plundered the rich to the poor. He lived in Sherwood Forest, with my companions of fortune, in precarious conditions. The creators and managers of sites like area download have nothing of Robin Bois.

Is that thugs of the smugglers who act in organised gang. They don’t do that for freedom, to make accessible to all of the cultural content. Them, they do it for the money. To become as rich as those that they denounce.

zone telechargement voyous

seizures made by police in the homes of Directors of area download are all simply maddening: luxury apartments, several hundreds of thousands of euros on offshore accounts, thousands of euros in cash and luxury cars. Download area all made-them millions of euros thanks to the (often pornographic) ads that they broadcast on the site.

They earn money is not a problem, they do so on the backs of surfers who take them for super heroes of the web is one. All that beyond the risks incurred by the users using the platform, content are not always quality and are not secure.

Content not always of good quality and unsecured

on the site area download, everything is not good to take no more. There are certainly quality content, but very often for the original version, the subtitles are very approximate example. French versions sometimes are Canadian versions (we have nothing against Canadians but there are a few notable differences).

Moreover, the quality of the image is not always at the top level. The contents that are not in HD are not uncommon and very clearly on our large modern screens it is simply unimaginable to view a movie or series in these conditions.

malware zone telechargement

and that’s not counting the security issues on this kind of site . Because administrators do not control anything. Viruses can come from all sides, and not even talking about malware. Many users complain to their infected PC, surfing on this type of site is not surprising.

Overall, download illegally is becoming less and less relevant. Not only because of the risks incurred, but also because the legal offer is more attractive.

Download area: attention, my return is a trap

a legal offer more in more attractive

the arrival of Netflix on the french market has put a boost on the legal offer of films and series. Not everything is perfect at the moment, because of this (darn) law on the chronology of the media which does allow a movie to not be broadcast on this type of service only three years after its theatrical release.

But in regards to series, documentaries, classics of cinema, a few small pearls lost here and there or even original productions, there is largely what to do between Netflix, channel Play or even OCS.

Today, 10 euros per month to have access to one of these services on TV, PC, smartphone and tablet, all in high definition, and sometimes even 4 k. This means that for 30 euros per month, you can have access to all these services! It is 5 packs of cigarettes in the month. And you have the most complete supply, with the last AMERICAN series broadcast on OCS 24 hours only after the publication in the United States.

Right now for example you can see The Walking Dead or Westworld on OCS. You have the original series Netflix and a bunch more and more complete. Game of Thrones is also available in its entirety on OCS. The original Canal Play productions are also excellent.

What is the most downloaded on websites as area download is available legally. Except with regard to films, because of the chronology of the media. But the cinema or DVD rental still exist. For 4 euros, you can see a film on VOD barely a few months after its theatrical release. Overall, with the legal offer there what to do. We don’t even have the time to see everything!

netflix offre legale

then admittedly, all this represents a budget. 30 euros per month, everybody can not afford it. But opt for a single service, or 10 euros per month, is already more affordable. And you can have fun with a single service. I for example adopted Netflix since its entry into France and I can’t do without it. For 10 euros per month, half the price of a single DVD , we have access to an impressive catalog. Ditto for channel Play or OCS.

10 euros, less than 2 packets of cigarettes, that’s the price of the legality, content quality and especially the contribution to an industry that supports millions of people. Because Yes, although the studios are millionaires multi (as the download area also administrators), they are the original works, they create something, they lead front projects and create thousands of jobs.

You steal your chocolate bread if it costs more than 15 cents?

A film, it’s like a chocolate bread, but know-how, investment, people to imagine, others to create, others to sell. Yet, you won’t fly a pain au chocolat all four mornings, if?

Yes studios earn millions, but they also spend them, invest them. They take risks, are also movies that don’t work, more discreet films, art films, documentaries, movies that allow artists to express themselves and live.

Make a movie, it’s also offer hundreds of jobs to the intermittent show is create jobs knewr channels factories for derivatives etc. It’s infinite. A movie, a series, it is a product. This is not because it is a virtual, not palpable, content that he did not need a job behind. And the work, it is paid. You do not work for fame you, if?

The product is too expensive? Then you can wait to have the means to afford it. The problem today is that everybody wants everything for nothing, and right now even if he didn’t need. Then we cry foul because there is unemployment, businesses that close etc.

pain chocolat film

If you have enough to offer you a chocolate bread, you won’t steal your Baker and say then “anyway it’s getting a lot of tunes, I have reason to fly” . You will certainly go and go buy you one more later, when you have the means.

For movies and series, the logic is the same. Then imagine a Baker that would propose you unlimited chocolate bread for half the price of a single chocolate bread. Jean François Copé can go home with my bread to chocolate to 15 cents.

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