openSUSE leap 42.2 with 64-bit image for raspberry PI [Full Guide]

a short time ago were announced 64-bit images from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for raspberry PI . Well, there’s also an image of the community for the raspberry PI 3 – openSUSE 42.2 64-bit leap.

openSUSE Leap 42.2 64-Bit für den Raspberry Pi 3 ist verfügbar

openSUSE leap PI 3 42.2 64-bit for the raspberry is available

openSUSE leap 42.2 for the raspberry is PI updated

that has the openSUSE community to walk there, that here is not single images. openSUSE 42.2 leap for the raspberry PI 3 will be constantly updated. The advertised images are the first usable versions according to its own figures. More fixes will be issued in the coming weeks.

the developers chose a version of leap, to give the user some more stability on the hand. Thus the device with openSUSE better suited for home automation, as mini server and so on.

openSUSE went SLES the second 64-bit distribution for the raspberry PI 3. Thus it is currently winning.

the kernel PI Foundation is however based on the kernel tree of the raspberry. For this reason, currently some of the stuff does not work. These include HDMI audio and hardware-accelerated videos. This is the code which for other architectures. So who is running something on openSUSE on a larger device, which can make off PI on the raspberry. For developers, this is interesting, because a RasPi is of course very cheap and the code execute in turn is on a server.

much more work necessary

the developers talk announcement but that, that much more work was needed. Some components, such as for example the energy management would not work. All in all you however have a solid basis.

openSUSE for raspberry PI 3 is according to the developers the first distribution with effective support for kernel-based virtual machine (KVM).

will continue to work the image with older and newer kernels. Who wants to use multiple versions to follow for multi version .

support for ARMv7

in addition to the 64-bit variant for the raspberry PI 3 (ARMv8) is also ARMv7 (Raspberry pi 2) supports. You so there is a 32-bit version of openSUSE leap 42.2

can openSUSE leap 42.2 64-bit for the raspberry PI download here . Do you write or install the image on the SD card with the following syntax: [Name-des-Abbildes].raw.xz xzcat

| DD bs = of = / dev/sdX iflag 4 M = fullblock oflag = direct; Sync

where / dev/sdX of course for the mount point of your microSD card.

the raspberry PI seems now so slowly but surely to arrive in the 64-bit universe. It will be only a matter of time until more 64-bit distributions for the PI will be available. When this is so far at Raspbian, can be hard to say. At the moment, the raspberry is only an image available that but works on all versions of the PI PI Foundation. Sooner or later you will need to say goodbye to this policy.

you’re trying out PI 3 openSUSE leap 42.2 64-bit for the raspberry or you’re waiting for a Raspbian version?

Nice PI-constellation

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