OnePlus 3 under Nougat: we do not regret the Pixel!

OxygenOS exceeds the competition

it is certain that OnePlus isn’t the first company to update its terminals, but given its relatively recent beginnings and its modest numbers, it quickly exceeded its competition, particularly from my compatriots.

OxygenOS includes functions expected still on Android Stock

OxygenOS includes functions still expected on Stock Android. They battle, not only in their country of origin, but also on the international market with a design and a philosophy that are convincing. In the OnePlus 2 , one could discover a function was expected for a long time on Android as the night mode or the reset option. Another present example in Oxygen 3.5 before the official presentation of Nougat, these are five quick access on the notifications bar that can change color as the rest of the system icons.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 3 Oxygen OS 4 Beta 8 Android 7 Nougat 01
button of reset, dark theme and flashy colors. /© AndroidPIT

shortcuts to connections change of behavior when they are in “5 shortcuts” mode or when they occur. In other words, since the connection with five access WiFi or Bluetooth button bar can be enabled or disabled. But when all the shortcuts are unfolded in list, by selecting one has access to a mini-menu of quick setup, whereas before there was a small arrow to access these configurations.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 3 Oxygen OS 4 Beta 8 Android 7 Nougat 02
the new ergonomics of the shortcuts. /© AndroidPIT

new OxygenOS 4.0 with Android Nougat


notifications and the immediate response

as you know, the first novelty of Android Nougat is notifications. They can be extended for more information. From the same notification, you can reply to a message quickly without having to go the application in question, thanks to the option at the bottom of the notification.

You can also directly manage notifications to an application. Just drag the notification on one side or the other for that appears the configuration icon. From here, you can choose the priority of receipt of notifications for the application.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 3 Oxygen OS 4 Beta 8 Android 7 Nougat 03
new notifications. © AndroidPIT

these small improvements in the notifications have a little increase productivity. It becomes much easier to answer because it saves you a few clicks.

Mode multi-window

the multi-window mode is accessible from the multitasking button. Simply press and hold the finger on the application on which it is located, and once selected, toward the upper shaded area. Then you can choose the application that will occupy the other half of the screen.

This feature is not supported for applications. You will know which do so with a warning. Impossible also to adjust the area occupied by each application, it is either half of the screen, or the entire, nothing else. The rotation of the multi-screen mode screen is rather fluid.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 3 Oxygen OS 4 Beta 8 Android 7 Nougat 04
all applications do not lend themselves to the multiwindow mode. © AndroidPIT

a launcher reviewed and corrected

the launcher includes some surprising news. By clicking on an empty space on the screen, you can change the size of icons in three different formats, then choose their form (standard, square or round) to customize. If you go into the settings, we’ll now be able to simplify the design without drawer of applications to the MIUI or iOS. In this menu we can activate two features: the swype down to pull down the notifications Panel and the swype upwards to activate Google search.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 3 Oxygen OS 4 Beta 8 Android 7 Nougat 05
size of icons and a simplified view of the drawer of applications. © AndroidPIT

Nougat includes also in settings > screen > display size parameterisation of the dots per inch (DPI) in five positions, from minimum to grand. In the smallest size, we can have five columns of applications on the main screen as in the drawer of applications, and in addition, a much cleaner appearance.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 3 Oxygen OS 4 Beta 8 Android 7 Nougat 06
different sizes of DPI. © AndroidPIT

shortcuts: shelf, double click and open Setup

Shelf, this is Google Now reinvented to OnePlus. It is in the same place, but it does not “cards” with news, weather, the journey to the home or interesting places nearby. In place, we can see recent contacts, widgets, of feeds and the shortcuts to applications. In short, it’s like an infinite homepage that could take place as and when. The new release makes it a bit more customizable.

Shelf has little added value, but perhaps we can benefit in the near future

Shelf has little added value, but perhaps we can benefit in the near future. Now, by double-clicking the button multitasking it has direct access to the last used app. It is very convenient to transfer information from one application to another, for example by copying / pasting information from a Web site into an e-mail draft: by double-clicking, meet you on the browser, then another double click and you can return to the e-mail.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 3 Oxygen OS 4 Beta 8 Android 7 Nougat 07
a shortcut to all the settings menus. © AndroidPIT

another option of shortcuts: the new drop down menu in the settings. In Nougat, it takes the form of an icon with three horizontal lines under each submenu settings. By pressing the icon, we can unroll from the left the list of parameters, avoiding us to return to the main menu.


among the bugs known OnePlus terminals, there are problems of stability and performance, but there are many Roma have been published, less stable than beta. In performance, he is doing pretty well. He spent the same benchmarks as those predecessors and gets better scores than OxygenOS 3.5 with Marshmallow.

new features are nice, but the key is performance

use daily, it has been remarkably effective, and I have not detected bugs even in beta version. To run games like Need for Speed or Real Racing 3 either. Another known bugs is Android Pay but I did have the opportunity to check it out.


even if we talk about a beta, it is much more stable than expected, and I would say that guard around my performance problems are exaggerated. You can also get a better idea of the new software to be released this month for the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3 T. And I must say it’s a good job, promising for the future, namely the stable version.

Regarding autonomy I have noticed great changes, but my test lasted for two days. Without doubt, improvements and new features are still to come since the Beta 8 has been published in the last 24 hours. Even if it has already been adopted by a number of beta testers, OnePlus has removed the download link.

2017 could well be the year of OnePlus.

What do you think?

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I took to see how to work the OnePlus 3 under Nougat and files (faster than EXT4) F2FS system, that is original on the OnePlus 3 T. It seems that it is possible to format the internal memory of the OnePlus 3 with this file system with a clean install of the stable version of OxygenOS 4.0 for F2FS.

And you, what do you think of this update for the OnePlus 3

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