OnePlus 3: the Open Beta 9 leaked on the internet

the file to update the OnePlus 3 to the Open Beta 9A leake on XDA. This version always match Android 7.0 Nougat and not the version 7.1.1. It fixes a few bugs and brings news, including the return of the Android Pay support.


on 30 November began the ‘public’ beta to Android 7.0 Nougat – the Open Beta 8 – on the OnePlus 3 . Although the Chinese automaker since withdrew the files to update its website, it was always possible to install it by retrieving the files elsewhere . Two weeks later, the upgrade to the Open Beta 9 file has leak on the internet. It is then possible to retrieve this version even though it has not been announced officially OnePlus forums.

the return of Android Pay

users in Open Beta 9 quickly shared the news of this version. First, she signed the return of checks anti root SafetyNet allowing Android Pay to operate again. This is a useless feature in the vast majority of francophone countries, but it could be used on trips abroad. Also, the screenshots “long” work again. These allow to take a screenshot of the entire screen where you are, by scrolling to the bottom of the page.


new features in the settings have also appeared. For example, it is possible to attach the function ‘ open/close the multiwindow’ to a button. In addition, hibernation and menu Doze aggressive – sort of Greenify – going on the menu of options for developers to the settings in the farm. Finally, the stability seems to have been improved, as the network settings menu no longer crashes with the dark theme.

out official nougat

in addition to being a beta version – and so subject to bugs-, it is difficult to know the origin of the files. Thus, it might as well be a fake Open Beta 9 filled with malware. we recommend to wait for the official release of the file by the OnePlus, or the final version of Nougat which should arrive by the end of the year or beginning 2017 maximum .

in the light of the novelties of this version and the number of returns on Reddit , it’s still little chance whether it’s a file infected. If you still want to install this update, the 1.3 GB file is available at this address . Courage, since the download is likely to be very slow.

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