Nextcloud 11 is available and there are lots of improvements [Full Guide]

the announcement of Nextcloud 11 is somewhat strange, I must admit. I was not at home the whole day and see now several articles about the Nextcloud 11, I must first of all überreißen. In any case, that seems official announcement that my , which gives a general overview.

perhaps the changes are so extensive that several articles to make sense. I go by they time individually and try to sum up the whole thing.

Nextcloud 11 – performance and scalability

in this post it will include speed, performance, and scalability. Often, the neck of the bottle, is getting the database the developer feedback from customers. That’s why attempted to reduce the requests to the database. That affects the bottom line in improved performance.

before shares would send many requests to the database of all things and that’s why the developers here wanted to put on the lever. Of course, fewer requests cause less load and even faster results. There are also some test results.

Anfragen an die Datenbank bei Nextcloud 11 (Quelle:

request to the database at Nextcloud 11 (source:

Performance-Verbesserung in Prozent (Quelle:

performance improvement in percent (source:

some other improvements identified. The faster startup time of Collabora online is stung me in the eye. Who wants to know it, just follow the link above.

these changes affect more large customers. For me as a single user of my cloud I’ll benefit from less – I but not daily shooting thousands of files in.

security in Nextcloud 11

which is improved security in Nextcloud 11 improved one thing benefit of all users. With universal 2nd factor (U2F) and time-based one-time password (TOTP) there are two different options for two-factor authentication.

Federation is a connection via https requirement for the so called . So far the software tried to establish a connection over https and if that doesn’t work, then http is included. That no longer is the case, as also let’s encrypt a way of a valid certificate provides it each. Thus, a connection over http is only possible, if the user explicitly allows it.

in this announcement is to brute-force protection, support for same-site cookies, the new store and so on pointed out.

full-text search – Nextant

is a function by which all users have something

full-text search also. She presented this post in . In itself the function needs to be explained not closer. Is good to know, however, that such phrases are:

+ “search for this complete set” + “and after that”-“but to leave out”

since you have to experiment a bit.

a component is responsible for full-text search that Nextant calls himself. It performs the indexing in the background.

Volltextsuche in Nextcloud 11 - Nextant (Quelle:

full-text search in Nextcloud 11 – Nextant (source:

Nextant can most files search, SOLR can deal with that. These are text, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, PDF, images and audio files. Using Tesseract OCR, Nextant can also index PDF files without text layer.

in addition, Nextant supports the external storage options. Thus, an index of the files on NFS, dropbox and so on is possible. As well, the exhibited shares be indexed by compatible cloud servers and data on encrypted storage systems.

also at this point will show only experiments, how well this works.

video calls with spreed – technical preview

spreed for Nextcloud 11 allows video calls or video conferences. Now it is but so that this component is still under development. Therefore, it is expressly advertised as technical preview. For this reason I would like to leave it there and on a dedicated article Developer point out.

cloud Federation with social aspects

also the cloud Federation, allowing more social interaction is interesting. To do this, there is a post here .

there is for example a global address book. Furthermore, addresses, phone numbers can be share and so on. Privacy, however, is in the first place, and by default, all on private is set to . Thus, the full name and avatar to the same Nextcloud server are visible. Everything else is also closed, except the user releases it.

download Nextcloud 11

who make sure the latest version would have, Nextcloud 11 download from the project website download area can be. Unfortunately, there is still no repositories for it and you need to create some hand work.

existing installations you can do in about two to three weeks on the Nextcloud Updater app update. The developers proceed very conservatively on this map. Who uses this app and on the is a beta channel, which already gets Nextcloud 11 final.

I will come in the next few days not to install the Nextcloud 11. I intend to rest the blog but between Christmas and new year. In the time I want to do some things that are already on the list. Installation and switching on Nextcloud 11 belongs to.

the Nextcloud 11 should exactly like my predecessor on a well run PI 3 Raspberry.

you use ownCloud or Nextcloud or a completely different cloud? Why did you choose for cloud XYZ?

Nice PI-constellation

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you can gladly give your mustard to this post: here is the comments


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