Manufacturers of smartphones, please listen to your users!

removable battery: the subject that divides the community

a lot of people consider the possibility to remove the battery as a matter of course. Others, on the contrary, do not see the usefulness and are firmly opposed.

Manufacturers are reluctant to use a removable battery for two reasons. On the one hand, it requires a lot of place in the unit, which obviously affects its size or, more accurately, my ability. On the other hand, it is easier to give the smartphone a robust appearance and premium (essential for the high-end).

ANDROIDPIT battery 3
for many users, it is an important buying criterion. © ANDROIDPIT

users, they want to have a removable battery for two reasons. On the one hand, they can easily change it when it is empty. On the other hand, when it begins to show signs of weakness after a lot of loads, it is possible to buy a new one.

That said, mass is said according to specialists of this branch. We will most likely see no removable batteries on high-end devices. If you really want to, you can opt for the LG smartphones that still allow this function.

It is unlikely to find removable batteries on the high end.

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smartphones sacrifice the Mini-Jack?

The news: Samsung would not take mini-jack on its Galaxy S8 . So Samsung follows the track that have borrowed before him Lenovo and Apple. The interest of this deletion is twofold: it allows not only make more space in the smartphone (which allows to put more sensors and/or a larger battery), and it also allows for a thinner design. We can see the result on the Moto Z : the unit is very thin but the objective of the camera spring much because the module must have a certain thickness to allow the goal, sensor and the stabilization work correctly. 

AndroidPIT type c cable 0629
according to some manufacturers, USB Type-C represents the future. © AndroidPIT

at the level of the user experience, abandon the Mini-Jack doesn’t improve much. On the contrary, if you want to listen to music you must either go through an adapter, Bluetooth or with a special cable USB – C. This is probably not a problem for all manufacturers, but some might not to accommodate.

When smartphones are very thin, you have no place to put a big battery. Yet, this is what users want, judging by the numerous surveys and forums on the subject.  

“Courageous”. That’s how Apple had called my decision to remove the mini-jack. In fact, this is true because for some users it represents an important buying criteria. Unlike Apple, Samsung has less control over the industry of accessories and lacks technology owner such as Lightning. Actually, Samsung has everything to lose by abandoning the Mini-Jack cable without real need.

Figures show

Samsung is best placed to know: statistics show that Galaxy S6 has not met a huge commercial success. Why? He could never match its predecessor, the Galaxy S5 . Well, to tell you the truth, what is surprising is that the S6 has removed three things that made it so popular S5: the microSD card slot, the sealing and the removable battery.

These three characteristics are absent on the Galaxy S6. In 2015, the unit was still attractive enough and many people have preferred to opt for a S5 rather than ask the questions of the for and against of the S6.

AndroidPIT dead galaxy s6 3080
the Galaxy S6 has failed to capture the hearts of users. © ANDROIDPIT

is not everything. We have noticed that the S7 sells better than the S6. Samsung has added two new features that were lacking in the S6: it is waterproof and has found its location for microSD. We have also seen on our site, the pages on the S7 Galaxy received more visits than those of the S6.

androidpit sd cards 3
the Galaxy S7 represents the return of the microSD card. © ANDROIDPIT

before making the purchase of their phone, the customers decide what their priorities are and if it is necessary to buy a newer model. No manufacturer can settle of its past success.

The year 2017 looks promising

the Galaxy S7 had almost no competition in 2016. It is unlikely that Samsung is resting on its laurels in 2017. The debacle of the Note7 he did wrong and he must use the S8 to offset losses. For other manufacturers, the field is free: whether LG, Sony or HTC, they all learned from top and down from 2016. New technologies such as the borderless screens have the future ahead of them.

Those who are listening to users will have all chances to take the lead in sales in 2017. What features would you like to see on your smartphone? And what manufacturer will make the difference?

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