MagPi 53 is because - you get official raspberry PI Magazine [Full Guide]

in Germany rather badly in the pleasure of a print edition of the official raspberry PI Magazine to be able to buy MagPi. While MagPi 3 would be particularly interesting. There’s a DVD, on which an x 86 Edition of Debian is Jessie with the PIXEL’s desktop environment. In the end, you have a desktop that PI looks and behaves too much like your raspberry thus. Just older systems can benefit from this special Linux distribution. You need the DVD but not compulsory, because the image is available to download.

MagPi 53

as always is the magazine in English, but a browse is worth. There is among other things a beginner guide in terms of programming.

still the raspberry announced PI Foundation, more than eleven million raspberry sold PIs.

who a raspberry PI got for Christmas, who is excited about the introduction of the code safely. A two pus is also included with basic information on the camera module. For old-timers, the commands are known, newcomers will be certainly grateful.

a post treated LibreELEC 7, because LibreELEC 8 with kodi 17 is still in a beta phase. The bottom line is that LibreELEC leaves the impression, for the raspberry is PI to be a small little better optimized than OpenELEC. I use Pi 3 raspberry already since a long time a beta version of LibreELEC 8 on one and really can not complain.

who can not buy the magazine or want to, you can download as usual a PDF FILE (right in the sidebar is the download button).

MagPi 53 kommt p√ľnktlich zu Weihnachten

MagPi 53 nice PI-constellation

comes just in time for Christmas

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you can gladly give your mustard to this post: here is the comments


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