LibreELEC (krypton) v7. 90.009 ALPHA with chorus 2 [Full Guide]

now there is another alpha version of LibreELEC 8 with kodi 17 accurate said it’s ALPHA to LibreELEC 7.90.009 with kodi 17 beta 6 kodi 17 brings we know with Esutary and Estouchy new user interfaces with it. Since this release, there are now chorus 2

in terms of estuary is a version 2 indented. The revised version of the surface has more Visual depth. Also, the Favorites are more visible and accessible is now available from the main menu. Here are a few screenshots.

LibreELEC und Estuary: Favoriten

LibreELEC and estuary: Favorites

LibreELEC und Estuary: Serien

LibreELEC and estuary: series

I must honestly say that the old estuary of the floating menu items better liked. In revision 2, I found also an option to be able to set a background image itself. There are a couple of comments at kodi and I hope that at least the function again keeps indentation.


estuary revision 1

on PI 3 my raspberry was the update just snowed in and I could give me kodi 17 beta 6 so just look at.

Web skin chorus 2 brings many improvements

the real star of kodi 17 beta 6 is but the Web skin chorus 2. Thus, a user of LibreELEC or kodi by using a browser is considerably more pleasant. Who LibreELEC or kodi future headless as music server, would likely welcome chorus 2.

you can access control services system settings.

LibreELEC: Dienste


services here you have to control over HTTP allow , and then set the Web interface or check.

LibreELEC: Webskin einstellen

LibreELEC: Web skin set

chorus 2 is now standard.

LibreELEC: Chorus 2 auswählen

LibreELEC: Chorus 2 Select

In the port you can do over IP address: 8080 in the browser chorus 2 call. Set login and Psaswort for kodi, you must register first.

then you can control large parts of your kodi installation via the browser. Top right clicking local , then you can music via your browser on your system stream. This works but only with music and not with videos.

Now Playing (Quelle:

now playing (source:

Chorus 2: Künstler (Quelle:

chorus 2: artist (source:

click on kodi in addition, you choose what you want to run on the computer where kodi is installed. Thus you can get for example a raspberry PI with a speaker somewhere have and the system operate headless. I love chorus 2.

you are using kodi 17 beta also already? On what device? Do you like estuary v1 also better than v2?

Nice PI-constellation

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you can gladly give your mustard to this post: here is the comments


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