LG G6: release date, price and data sheet

the LG G6 will be arriving in mid-2017 as its predecessors. After a G5 which has failed to draw the crowds, LG will have to redouble their efforts to survive in a market that is becoming a little more competitive every year. In 2016, the Korean manufacturer has been blow by competition market share but it will not stop there and will do everything to seduce again in 2017.

lg g6 recap

you will find here all the latest leaks and rumors in date on the LG G6. This file will be updated on a regular basis.

Finished modules!

If the concept could seem impressive on paper, inaugurated by the LG G5 modular system has been a fiasco. So much so that the company even did not want to retry the experience with the LG V20 . I must say that with my G5, LG has proposed only two modules at prices not necessarily competitive and the recipe worked not at all among the general public.

Result, we erase everything and start again!  LG G6 will give up modules and integrate different technologies that will allow it to be in line with current demand.

Farewell the removable battery, Hello the seal!

One of the strong points of the LG G5 and my two predecessors had left the removable battery. It must be said that until this year, LG is the only manufacturer to have continued to offer removable batteries on its high-end models.

But aware that the public’s expectations have changed and that in 2016, the removable battery is no longer a major argument , LG plans to offer a smartphone unibody and waterproof. If at the time of the G4, the removable battery was still allowed to differentiate facing competitors like Samsung, the fact is that, this year, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge very sold well, even without a removable battery, LG will play on another argument, the design, but not only.

As well as my local rival, LG should also make water-resistant its next flagship. Like the last Samsung, it probably will be certified IP68. A feature that there was already a few manufacturers like Sony for several years but that has become very important for the general public in 2016. Such point that even Apple has decided to offer an iPhone 7 waterproof.

lg g6 waterproof

Note that the design of the G6 would 100% metal. However, leaks speak of a metal as brilliant as the glass found on the back of some competing smartphones as Honor 8 or the S7 Galaxy.

The double sensor picture always in the spotlight

if we were to make a list of the strong points of the G5, the double photo sensor would happen probably in the first position. In spite of its many quirks, the LG G5 is a great camera phone . The sensor wide angle does wonders and features built into this double camera are very interesting.

Meanwhile, several major manufacturers such as Huawei or Apple, they, too, out of smartphones with double camera and it was a success. LG cannot decently go back and we can already hope to find a double photo sensor improved and optimized at all levels on the LG G6.

Always Jack of part

this year the Jack began to disappear with some manufacturers. Now that USB Type C is officially recognized as an audio connector, some manufacturers do not hesitate to remove the traditional headphone jack to win some space inside the phone.

Notably, she disappeared at LeEco, Lenovo, Apple and even HTC. Next year, Samsung should also come out a Galaxy S8 without jack socket. Aware that for certain categories of users, it remains indispensable, LG decided to keep and that’s excellent news.

Price and release date

LG not reporting formally on the issue, is not yet the date of presentation of the LG G6. The Korean manufacturer benefit from media coverage of MWC 2017, as last year, or will he prefer to promote a special event later in the year? It is still too early to tell, but we shouldn’t soon find out.

Finally, regarding the price of the LG G6, we have yet no certainty, but there is little chance that it is cheaper than the G5 LG launched a few months ago at 699 euros.

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