iPhone 7: Apple would mourn the decline of sales, Android manufacturers are welcome to

the iPhone have always known much to talk about themselves, and to the dismay of purists of Android, always well managed to sell. The iPhone 7 seems to be different: some rumors announce the number of orders fell sharply.

a reduction justified requests

the information comes from the site DigiTimes . Foxconn (unknown) sources reportedly indicated that applications for iPhone 7 have so fallen since the launch of the phone that Apple had to modify its production process. It must be borne in mind that this information have not been confirmed by Apple (why would it?), but if you think it’s not illogical. 

On the one hand, it must keep in mind that, from an aesthetic perspective, the smartphone has nothing innovative. Evolution since the two previous models is particularly low, for many users (particularly in Asia) the smartphone is too similar to the previous model to be purchased at such a sum. 

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on the other hand, Apple had announced for many months already that now at the level of the iPhone revolution happen every three years and not every two years. So, we should see the next year a new smartphone, perfectly coinciding with the anniversary of the creation of the iPhone. In this context, we can be certain that Apple will we cook up something much more original (dare I say “innovative”?) than the iPhone 7.

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if the application for the iPhone 7 is less strong but that overall demand remains constant, so that means that this market share is nibbled by other manufacturers. Manufacturers such as Samsung can get to rubbing their hands, after the disaster of the Note7 maybe he sees Apple fans enter their ecosystem by buying a Galaxy S7 edge . Others have probably took the opportunity to get into another ecosystem: Google and its Pixel and Pixel XL

The iPhone 7 is not innovative enough to merit its price

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another possibility: the real Apple fans are not turning to the competition and are just waiting for the iPhone 8. It is not always easy for the user to an ecosystem into another, especially if there are other devices of the brand and/or if he is accustomed to the system. 

Apple had probably anticipated this situation and on its iPhone sales account 8 to restore the balance in sales. Do you think that Apple will really be able to innovate with this new device?

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