In reality, there is no reason to use WhatsApp

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The arguments for WhatsApp

1. All my friends use it, it is difficult to do without

the number one for WhatsApp argument is the number of active users on the platform, and this number immediately attracts attention. When asked to many users of the application “why do you use WhatsApp”, the most common answer is “How can I communicate otherwise with my friends?”.

Yet, it is clear that there are many other solutions to connect. SMS and emails are especially easy. How about also making a call? Because Yes, your smartphone does this also.

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Jessica on the phone with Grandma. © AndroidPIT

2. All my group conversations are on WhatsApp

when you start planning something on WhatsApp, it becomes difficult to get out of the system. But the real question is whether the focus group is really the best choice to make programs.

Group on WhatsApp conversations are terrible

by Eric Herrmann

what do you think?

Group on WhatsApp conversations are confused. It is not possible to precisely manage the permissions of the members of the group. New participants must be informed on the subject of the discussion. Not to mention the fact; over the years, they accumulate and become difficult to remove

whatsapp group chat de
on WhatsApp, you can remove empty groups of members. © AndroidPIT

group on WhatsApp conversations are also very basic. If you want to communicate with a large number of contacts, Facebook Messenger is a better solution. The app can even be used by those who don’t have a Facebook account. Simply sign up using my phone number.

Messenger Install on Google Play

3. WhatsApp is encrypted and secure

end to end encryption is a good thing, but it is not enough. Metadata, in fact, are always stored on WhatsApp. The app knows your phone number and your friends, including those who do not use WhatsApp. Similarly, if you have accepted the terms of use of WhatsApp, the application has already shared your phone number with my young master Facebook.

threema screeenshots dec 2016 de
Threema encrypts all information without saving anything. © AndroidPIT

the best way to stay anonymous is to use Threema. The Swiss company didn’t need your number phone, or even your email. The application does not store data on the server. However, you may choose to provide if you wish to help the application to find your friends, or you can work around this problem by asking them to you send the identifier used on Threema.

Threema Install on Google Play

4. WhatsApp is free

Threema problem is that most users are not willing to pay 2.99 euros for a courier service, as WhatsApp is available free of charge. However, there are other free applications that can be an excellent alternative. Telegram, for example, is used by many users, Signal provides a better encryption, Facebook Messenger provides the same number of users and is technically superior.

telegram screeenshots dec 2016 de
Telegram is much more complete than WhatsApp. © AndroidPIT

the question arises: how such a service can be free? What is their income? Telegram indicates to continue through the funds of investors. WhatsApp and Facebook will enjoy a financing concept unclear based on the targeted marketing of advertising banners. A system which is based on the analysis of the apparently anonymous data. It’s for you to decide if you want to provide this type of data.

The arguments against WhatsApp

1. The audit based on the phone number

WhatsApp is linked to your mobile phone number with which you registered. Why a provider of instant messaging services ask does he give the telephone number of your SIM card? It’s a useless link. The key of anonymity is to avoid such links.

You cannot use the argument that WhatsApp number for you needs help to find your friends. Threema does the same thing, but without saving your info. There is no reason to allow applications to access your private address book filled with contact information for other people.

WhatsApp is overrated

by Eric Herrmann

what do you think?

2 WhatsApp is limited to a smartphone

you can use WhatsApp on a single device, which must be a smartphone. How people accept this limitation still today? When you want to use your desktop PC, you should always have your cell phone nearby and connected to the Internet. It is madness. Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Hangouts allow you to use a Tablet, smartphone or PC.

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Use WhatsApp on a Tablet is a nightmare. © AndroidPIT

3. WhatsApp does not offer a good backup system

If you change your phone, all the data of your conversations are lost. It is possible to perform backups on Google Drive or iCloud, but you must configure them manually. Then, it is a matter of chance that the conversations are correctly restored on the new device or not. And if you go from Android to iPhone, or vice versa, the restoration of your conversation history is impossible.

With Telegram, Facebook and Hangouts, everything is in the cloud and is available immediately on all devices.

whatsapp backup
you must manually activate the backup in WhatsApp settings. © ANDROIDPIT

4. Change of telephone number is problematic

once more, WhatsApp is linked to your phone number. So, when you change it, it can be a huge pain. Use WhatsApp migration assistant to move things, but be warned, your contacts will automatically be notified of the change number unless they are in a group with you. So, you must manually send your new number to all your friends. Not very well thought out.

Here’s what WhatsApp specific to this topic on its official website :

when you change your phone number WhatsApp, your contacts will not be individually informed of this change. Only participants who are in a discussion group with you will see that you have changed number. In order to ensure a better messaging experience, inform your contacts that your number will be changed before the change of number.

If your old contacts continue to write to the old number, you will never be able receive these messages. 


If you are a fan of WhatApp, this article can make you mad. I’m sorry, and I understand very well the situation. I am a user of WhatsApp (for purely social reasons), and I have to install the application whenever I change phone. But in addition to WhatsApp, I also installed all my alternatives favorite (Skype, Facebook Messenger, ICQ, Telegram, Hangouts and Threema) which makes me feel better, which is not yet the case of WhatsApp… 

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