Huawei Mate 9: all the tips and tricks to make the most of the smartphone

is that what you are looking for applications from Huawei Mate 9 drawer? Or is that what you want to use the large terminal with one hand? You was compiled a few tips that you will be more productive and more comfortable with your Mate 9.

turn the drawer of applications

Huawei has fulfilled the wishes of users and introduced an overview of applications, whereas previously they were all on the home screen. Finally, rarely used applications can be stored. You must activate the preview by going to settings, in “Style Home screen”.

huawei mate 9 activate app drawer
when you click on the tray icon and hold it, the search begins immediately (on the right). © AndroidPIT

use the widget of the dual-SIM

the model of NHA – L29 of Huawei Mate 9 is compatible dual SIM. If you use two SIM cards, the Mate 9 worth. Create a widget for your homescreen via ‘management of SIM cards.

android settings widget huawei mate 9
the dual-SIM widget is very useful. © AndroidPIT

display more content on your screen

5.9 inches, it’s not bad, but the great signed smartphone Huawei does not use its screen to the maximum of its capacity. You can shrink the fonts and icons to contain more things on the screen. In the settings, on the view menu, change the view mode and the size of the font at your leisure.

huawei mate 9 dnd modes
thanks to Android Nougat 7.0, you can shrink elements. © AndroidPIT

make the most of the service screen shot

the function of screenshot of the Huawei is fantastic. First, we can activate it by knocking against the screen with the joint. The other thing is that the capture in scroll feature can capture content that spans multiple pages. And when you tap twice with the articulation on the Mate 9 screen, the active recording of the screen. All simply amazing.

Here are a few demonstrations of scroll shots screenshots:

huawei mate 9 android update november 2016
the scroll shots are captured in full automatically. © AndroidPIT

use volume profiles

in the office, a mobile terminal is always a problem, and mind colleagues. When it does not sound, we might miss an important call. How to manage all this? With the Mate 9 Profile Manager. Under do not disturb, you can set the alarms and notifications, choose a specific sound or buzzer type, in addition to the time where the Mate 9 generates this sound. You can also program the Mate 9 to activate this mode only after you have accepted an appointment for a specific time.

huawei mate 9 dnd modes
fix your rules once and for all, and you will be alone. © AndroidPIT

connect to Chromecast

on Mate 9 meets a problem connecting to the Wi – Fi devices, like when trying to install Google Chromecast. These are based on a specific feature Wi – Fi. Turn off the WiFi + when you have such associations to operate the connection.

huawei mate 9 wifi plus
the WiFi + often induces the terminal in error. © AndroidPIT

learn to use one-handed

you only have one hand free? Drag the Home button to the left or the right to cut the bottom of the screen. 9 Mate is then reduced to 5 inches in size and can operate with one hand. If do you not like this feature, you can disable it in settings, under support smart and . navig one-handed Interface.

huawei mate 9 one handed mode
reduce the interface using the Home button. © AndroidPIT

more tips and tricks for the Mate 9

do you have other tips to share with the owners of the 9 Mate? Which one is your favorite? Use the comments below to share your experience with the readers.

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