How to write on my device as on a piece of paper


certainly one of main features pushing the user to invest in a Galaxy Note, handwriting, has however recently accessible to the majority of the devices on the market. The requirements? Hold a device running Android 4.0 at least. Ice Cream Sandwich and download the Google writing handwritten application. Free, the latter will replace your classic QWERTY virtual keyboard by a white space. Then grab a pen (or your finger) then write… as if you were in front of a white sheet with a pen in the hands.

draw the characters lowercase or in handwriting, draw special characters (e, e, c,…) or even the smileys… handwriting recognition is accurate. In addition, enforcement, if it does not directly recognize what you draw, will offer fair corrections. Just press one of them to see to apply to your text. Of course, for reasons of comfort and ergonomics, handwriting via this Google app is more effective on tablet with a stylus in the hands.

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