How to prevent Android to automatically backup your personal data

our smartphones and Android tablets save some of our personal data on Google’s servers without necessarily asking us our opinion. A system that can also be convenient for some it can be disturbing to others. Still need to know what are the data saved by Google and those that are not. Today, we will look at the issue.

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have you ever noticed that when you enter – your Google credentials in a new Android device, the latter found automatically some of your personal information, including your contacts. Yet you never did nothing for, and for good reason as this option is enabled by default. Which means that you can also turn it off. Most of the users hold nevertheless activated for reasons of practicality.

I must say that this automatic backup can be useful when you change your smartphone when you have multiple Android devices or if by misfortune, you were stealing your phone. But some don’t want their privacy is found on the Google cloud. This tutorial is for them but before practice, a little theory.

The data automatically saved by Google

within my OS, Google has integrated a tool by the name of Android Backup Service that backs up some data related to the services you use. These data are the following:

  • that are saved in Google Contacts Contacts. You can find them on all your devices and even on your PC by simply logging into your account.

  • that are saved within Gmail emails

  • Documents, which also allows you to edit your documents stored in the cloud from any of your devices

  • calendars

  • Chrome : your bookmarks and browsing history are synced to your account. Ditto for your passwords if you have activated the Smart Lock feature

  • Hangouts : your conversations are saved

  • Google Play Store : the applications that you have downloaded are saved automatically. You can then find them in the tab ‘My applications’ shop. It is very convenient when you change the smartphone because you don’t need to find them one by one, in addition, purchased applications are also saved

  • your photos and videos, provided that use the Google Photos application and have activated the automatic backup of your media

  • some data applications

how to prevent Google to back up your data

you are not thrilled at the idea that Google to know so much about you and you wish that some of your data is not saved? And well do not worry, it is possible and in a few clicks. Simply you of:

  • make you in the menu parameters > staff > accounts of your smartphone

  • select your Google account

  • uncheck all data that you do not want Google backup

sauvegarde google

and to go further, feel free to take a look at our tutorial how to preserve my privacy on Android .

Data not backed up by Google

the data listed below is not stored by Google. To avoid losing by changing the smartphone, it will so use a third-party application but we will come after.

  • SMS, it is nevertheless possible to Backup SMS on Android using an application

  • Google Authentificator: for reasons of security, data Google authentication two-step are not saved

  • settings: custom settings of your Smartphone are not saved

  • Bluetooth: Android does not synchronize Bluetooth paired devices to your smartphone

how to back up all personal data

Although Google does not allow by default, it is quite possible to backup all of your Android smartphone using our previous tutorial. Some of your data will go directly on your external media, others will be saved online in order to be reinstated to your new smartphone if your goal is to back up your data to find them on a new device.

Do not forget to take a look at our selection of applications to save personal data . Some will require that your phone is rooted, others do not, and they will allow you to save all your applications and not just data.

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