How to pass your screen in black and white to win autonomy and concentration

you already get in a situation where your smartphone battery were terribly missing? Or have you already thought that attention you wore to your mobile was too important, and it was time to calm all that? A simple solution to these two problems is possible: switch your screen in black and white! We show you why and how.

smartphones have become the companions of our daily lives. Capable of anything, they allow us to find our way in an unfamiliar city, entertain us during our long hours of waiting, and be in constant contact with our loved ones.

However, they have a huge problem: their autonomy. The evolving more lithium-ion battery technology now, smartphones are with us for a day before giving up the ghost. You can optimize your consumption of battery so that they take longer, but it is rare to exceed 3 days.

They also have a negative influence on those around us: for some people, that borders on addiction while one leaves my cell phone from my pocket mechanically even when one is surrounded in the evening.

And if a simple solution existed at these two problems? Indeed, just switch the screen in black and white! We will explain why, and how Android.

Why spend your black and white screen on Android

to improve the autonomy of your smartphone, AMOLED

it is a secret for no one: the AMOLED screens are going to crush LCD gradually on mobile. The reason for this is very simple: they are generally more contrasted, and so most beautiful to the eye, but especially much less greedy in battery.

Indeed, they go entirely off their pixels to display black, which gives a more profound and beautiful black than LCDs. It is also very economical, this is why we recommend always to have a black background on these devices .

As you can see, spend your smartphone in black and white is the upper stage to take advantage of this special feature of the AMOLED screens. You will consume less batteries in this mode, allowing you a record autonomy.

To increase your concentration and stop your addiction

a second case must be raised in passing your screen in black and white: this will allow you to stop attention you pay to your smartphone for to focus you on the world that surrounds you, as explained by Dr. James Hambling of The Atlantic.

According to him, and many scientific analyses before him, the color has an impact on the interest to an object any. The color red for example is the captivating most our attention.

Because of this, a good method to use to “liberate” the eventual addiction that you would feel for a smartphone is to pass it in black and white. This allows to detach ourselves from the object itself, leaving it free to our attention from dealing with the world that surrounds us without for as much without the convenience of a smartphone.

A good solution in short for improve her concentration or for anyone who has heard “you spend too much time on your smartphone” on the part of my family.

Switch the black and white screen Android

to get your screen in black and white under Android, first you’ll enable developers options . To do this:

  • go to parameters

  • go to about phone

  • find the line ‘Build number’

  • tap the line until a message will warn you of activation of the mode

you just so to activate the black and white mode. For this:

  • go to parameters

  • go to Options for developers

  • scroll down to the class “Hardware Acceleration of graphics rendering”

  • select “Simulate the color space”

  • choose ‘BCM’

and this is! Your display is now in black and white! Don’t worry, however, since it is done in software. Thus, it won’t deteriorate your screen. What is more, the system is still “in color”: If you take a screenshot or photo via the dedicated application, these will always be in color. Nothing comes so hinder your experience!

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