How to open the SIM cover easily without the dedicated tool

for one reason or another, you must open the door your phone SIM? The operation has become much more subtle since our smartphones do not have removable batteries, and require a small tool to open the dedicated hatch. You do not have it on you? Thankfully, our editorial gives my MacGyver tips to get out you.

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do you remember the time when smartphones allowed us to easily remove the battery and access slots dedicated to the SIM or micro SD? Difficult isn’t it? Indeed, the evolution of the designs of our smartphones did that this possibility was quickly erased.

There are many reasons. We can obviously think of unibody designs, that are aesthetically more successful and allow more madness to the constructor as the new rounded smartphones and borderless with Xiaomi Mi Mix .

However, the biggest reason admissible will be popularity growing IP68 certification , which makes our phones water resistant and waterproof to 1 meter. Perfect for the holidays as the small galleys of the daily.

Problem is that all this has made a difficult operation: simply change the SIM, or even of micro SD card , on my camera in a gesture when there is the little tool on itself. Don’t panic: MacGyver is spent writing give us advice.

All the everyday objects that can replace the SIM tool

to be able to open the door without the tool, we have to be smart. Indeed, it is to support on the bottom of a cylinder in order to propel the forward hatch. And for that, we’re going find a rather thin and slender object to make the operation a success. Here’s what we use in troubleshooting:


you rarely think about it, but one of the first things that you can find on itself or on our friend (s) is none other than the perfect SIM door opening tool: an earring! Convenient as available everywhere, you can even make an excuse to start the conversation in the evening. “Oh thin, must I put my micro SD to continue to take a picture of this wonderful evening but I don’t have the tool on me”, the best pick-up line.


we speak here of course the small object to keep the leaves between them and not the instrument. A paper clip has the perfect size to get into a phone. It of a trick used by all dealers in the mobile stores, believe us.

Pins and badges

you are the type to customize your bags and clothes pins and badges gleaned here and there? Be aware that most small badges have a rod that is thin enough to be used as a tool for opening door troubleshooting SIM. Practice in mobility at the time! Go easy however, the tip is sharp.


in the field of very thin metal rods, it does not better the good old needle! Who would have thought that this tool far from modern would a double purpose in this contemporary era? If you what patching holes socks, you have to open your door quietly. Once again, easy: it’s sharp.


you have to be creative to get out of difficult situations. Look around you: wouldn’t you have a poster hanging on the wall? Small bugs that keep it, if they are long enough, can also serve as a tool of fortune!


you don’t have many friends around you, not for posting, no office, you don’t like pine trees, and you throw your holes business? Last solution, be sure to visit your garage: you may have a nail thin enough to dislodge that recalcitrant small drawer!

You yourself your little trick that is not in this list? Feel free to unveil them in comment. We will then update this folder so that the entire community can finally stop looking everywhere for their hatch SIM tool!

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