How to load a new smartphone first

between hearsay and the advice of the parents and close, it is sometimes difficult to know what is the right way to proceed when it comes to load its smartphone brand new for the first time. Writing tells you the way to go.


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But once out of the box, the doubt you love: how should I charge my smartphone brand new so be sure to not damage and begin this relationship on the right foot for the first time? This tutorial will focus on this issue.

The batteries of our smartphones attract all kinds of urban legends indeed. The empty? The recharge, completely off? Perform cycles from 0 to 100 every month for a certain period? The confusion is.

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calibrate battery

in fact, if our parents often advise us to unload and reload entirely our electronic devices for each use, it is a reflex inherited from the batteries to the nickel affecting all our lithiums ion.

For a first load, the better is to well to calibrate the battery. To do this, we recommend to use normally the phone out of the box and then reload when it reached the 5% of battery in order not to damage the battery.

In fact, lithiums-ions do not like to be completely flat. Better to avoid seeing the phone turn off when using it. And hop, full charge up to 100% ! However the fact that the phone is on or off has no effect.

For the first days, we advise to repeat this cycle a dozen times just so that the smart battery, know estimate its real capacity and grant its consumption function. Thereafter, repeat this cycle once here and there is one more, on a much broader frequency.

Well to charge my smartphone

good reflexes thereafter for use your smartphone are none other that the opposite than what older will try to teach you: wait to completely empty my phone before recharging degrades actually a lithium-ion battery.

For daily use, better thus recharge your phone regularly and leave it between 40 and 80% of battery in your day. So, to to optimize its longevity and its autonomy , we advise to get used to load in the afternoon and leave my phone quietly resting at night.

By adopting this reflex, it keeps my phone much more easily in this pleasant slice and avoids also the launch to connect all night. Although this does not necessarily impact, modern devices used to stop the charging process once the 100% achieved, we’re never too careful.

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