How to import a Google Pixel / Pixel XL in France?

Google Pixel and Pixel XL are perhaps the two best smartphones Android released this year. Unfortunately, Google chose not to market them in France. It is possible to get them through the import. A procedure that some will find it complicated but which may ultimately prove to be very simple. Here’s everything you should know.

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where to buy a Google Pixel / Pixel XL and at what price?

Google Pixel and Pixel XL are currently being sold in six countries: the United Kingdom, the Germany, the Australia, the India, the United States and the Canada. The simplest is, of course, to buy in Europe, not if for the deadlines and procedure for routing. It is true that they are sold more expensive in Germany, in the USA, however to also take into account the import procedure costs that may be high for products across the Atlantic.

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best still have to buy them on the spot if you have the opportunity to travel or you have friends abroad but if you’re here, it’s that this alternative is not available to you. Reminder Google Pixel is sold at the price of 759 euros in 32 GB version and 869 euros in version 128 GB in Germany while the XL Pixel is proposed to 899 euros in 32 GB version and 1009 euros in 128 GB version.

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how to order online

before anything else, if you want to order a line in a foreign country, you first need to locate you virtually in this country using a VPN. Optionally, use the free and unlimited VPN integrated into Opera or opt for an another free VPN as Tunnel Bear. As soon as you have a local IP address, you can then order.

Google Play Store

If you want to import your Google Pixel by buying directly at Google, you must nevertheless open a second Google account, each account is associated with the country from which it was opened. Therefore, you must first locate you in the country of your choice. Better through the Google German Play Store because the US store requires you to use a U.S. bank card.

Local shops

if for any reason you do not want to order your smartphone at Google, you can also buy it from operators and local selling point. Again, the Germany and the United Kingdom are the simplest options if you order from France.

Note that in terms of the Germany, both phones are on sale at the T-Mobile operator and for the United Kingdom, you can go through the Carphone Warehouse dealer. The advantage is that it saves you from having to create a second Google account.

The alternatives

do not hesitate, either, to have a look on the side of the shops like Amazon or Priceminister. Some dealers offer regular the last two Google Phone. It is, of course, imported models. Sometimes the prices are inflated, sometimes not, but just to sort.

How to re – route your package

as you can imagine, you can’t deliver your phone bought abroad at home in France, otherwise it would be too simple! It will take so you have it delivered in the country where it was purchased by providing an address in Germany or the United Kingdom then do then re – deliver the package to you. Several companies offer this type of services cost between 10 and 30 euros.

If you order in Germany, you can use Mailboxde . The United Kingdom, to appeal to a as ukpostbox . Finally, for the USA, you can use Shipito .

And warranty?

Unfortunately, and this is the big downside, when you import a product from abroad through informal channels, the proposed guarantee is valid only in the country of purchase. The procedure will be complicated problems.

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