How a student had time to track down the thief who took my smartphone

get stolen smartphone is never a pleasant experience. The idea that a total stranger has access to all the data that contains our phone is quite disturbing. After being the victim of a first flight, a young student filmmaker, Anthony van der Meer, decided to conduct an experiment to understand the psychology of a thief. He held the flight of its smartphone to be able to better track it down and make a film on the Internet.

organise the flight of its own smartphone

to better understand the personality of the thief but also to better locate, Anthony has previously installed on the smartphone test, an HTC One M7, several apps geolocation and control the device remotely. Its mission was simple: get away the phone, spy the thief to learn more about him, and do a video about it.

my mission was simple: get away the phone, spy the thief to learn more about him, and do a video about it.

After several days, a person finally flew my camera in the metro – by the way, a prevention message is never wrong: Beware especially when you take the subway – in Amsterdam. Once stolen, the thief died obviously the smartphone. Is that a few days later the phone resurfaced after the insertion of a new SIM card. Then follows a real game of track between Anthony and the thief.

A treasure hunt with the thief

for 14 days, Anthony has followed the location of the phone, listened a few conversations, and took a few pictures, of which one has revealed the face of the thief. So he quickly learned a number of things about the man who stole her phone. The latter suffered financial problems and was unemployed. The paradox occurs then: Anthony, who is a victim in this case, began to feel bad for the thief because of its location.

However, all that changed the day he decided to confront the thief. He then went to my home. In the video, Anthony says the man was completely different from what he had imagined and looked quite aggressive. Not wanting to have any problems with the thief, he put out the camera and went.

The video, available on YouTube, meet some popular success (several million views). Known as “Find my phone”, it traces the history just to summarize. Even though the dialogues are in English, the video benefits from subtitles (in English) and is worth a visit. 

and you, how do you protect your smartphone?

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