Honor comes to date the update to Android 7 Nougat for its flagship 2016, Honor 8. This passage to EMUI 5.0 should bring a lot of welcome news.

Honor 8 Emui 5

in November, Honor launched the beta of 5.0 on the Honor 8 EMUI . Among other new features , this update brings to the system the ability to add a drawer of applications and thus to westernise the interface a bit. For the final update, it will take a few weeks.

the daughter of Huawei brand just announced that final update to EMUI 5.0 on the Honor 8 will be deployed during the month of February, 2017 . He will have to wait about two months before you can update the phone and take advantage of all the improvements that this update brings to the system.

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among the most interesting novelties of this SHIFT, we can note the possibility of launch different profiles at the same time and thus easily switch from business use to personal use. Also include the presence of Machine Learning to adapt to the habits and needs of the user and provide better management of memory living and battery, or even the emphasis on security through the App Lock feature to block access to an application to those who would not have the right password.

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