Here's why the Samsung Galaxy S8 will impress us

Samsung smartphones are always the most expected of the year. Many fans of the brand see the Korean manufacturer as the ultimate reference high-end devices, and swear by the quality of these phones. We must recognize one thing to Samsung: each year it has surprised us, and it will be the same this year again.

why the Galaxy S8 must be imperatively destined for success?

Times are changing, the market also. Samsung has been able to meet the expectations of users, but has to deal with an unexpected crisis: (double) withdrawal of Note7 Galaxy from the sale because of a technical problem. The brand took a hit but, from another perspective, the results are more destructive yet since the Korean company has lost billions of euros with two reminders and the production of new models.

Going so that it compensates its losses (or perhaps rather its shortfalls?) by offering a smartphone which, if it is not revolutionary, is to stand out from the competition by a faultless course in all areas.

The pressure is also on another level: the anniversary of the iPhone. Unless you attend a last-minute glitch, the new smartphone from Apple could make a killing for 10 years. Apple confirmed that major changes occur more than all 3 years, and for him this year is the right. In other words, we have to hit very hard to make sure to propose better than its American competitor.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note 7 review 7589 off white flag
faced with the disappearance of my soldiers Note7 general Samsung had put an end to the war. © AndroidPIT

how does Samsung intend to do?

Samsung has not confirmed the material that will equip its next flagship, and rumors suggest some pretty strange ideas. For example, one of them claims that Samsung could abandon the flat screens and opt only for the curved borders, feature that is currently on the edge models.

Of course, Samsung will offer a better device than the S7: better camera, better video quality, improvements of the design (using probably a lot of the Galaxy Note7), etc. But beyond these ‘classic’ changes, the device could surprise us in a different way.

Samsung must place one or several innovative technologies in its Galaxy S8

what do you think?

A smartphone optimized for VR

that said, we are at the dawn of the VR and any manufacturer that considers itself innovative wish to swim in the direction of the current. Samsung will optimize its S8 (and maybe even further its edge S8) for virtual reality. This means that the heart of the phone will be optimized for this technology, but also screen technology will be improved. Count of course compatibility with DayDream and user experience probably superior to that of the Pixel/Pixel XL.

Many people suffer from nausea during or after a session of VR, and if this is due to several factors it is clear that the pixelation is not helping. Samsung could offer us a 4K screen or a very high definition screen optimized for this technology. The disadvantage of high definition, it is that they make up a lot of energy and forces you to go through the charging box.

AndroidPIT Daydream View VR 0148
will give Daydream View on the S8? © ANDROIDPIT

a smartphone to the improved battery life

the autonomy is one of the major problems of the current smartphones. Paradoxically, it is one of the most important elements currently as we expect more of our smartphones: increase performance, advent of the VR, prolonged use and viewing of movies/series… It is the price to pay when using their smartphone to replace my PC.

To mitigate this problem, many studies are conducted to improve the battery / autonomy. I think for example of the ultracapacitor that is developed in Florida , but Samsung is also working on an improved battery system. The real question is by how much, but it is certain that the device will be very efficient at this level.

It will be a long time before you have batteries that take a whole week.

What do you think?

A smartphone with an artificial intelligence

Samsung is also interested in this new fashion launched by Google and powered by the chatbots. The Vice President of Samsung explained that it will be an open platform and, according to what we have heard on the subject, it will manage both the chatbots devices connected. These currently are not interest many people, the concept of the chatbots looks pretty interesting.

The Samsung HERE be able to do other things? It will be naturally integrated into the ecosystem of Samsung and should work with S-Health and other applications yet.

What do you expect from this Galaxy S8? Do you think he can win the heart of the public?

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