Here's why 2017 will be a great year for smartphones

we have seen many phones in 2016 but, despite high-quality devices, innovation was not really there. Certainly, LG has placed the bases of the modular concept of smartphone, Samsung showed the potential of the iris scanner and several manufacturers focus on technology of folding devices, but beyond that it is more improvements than of what’s new. Obviously, 2017 will be richer in innovations with certain events.

the new iPhone should be evidence of much more innovation

– what the iPhone has to see in our history, you may wonder? Whether we like it or not, Apple is always imitate by competitors. News has again shown us with the removal of the plug mini-jack, this method starts to happen on Android. Another recent example, Apple released the “Jet Black” color, Samsung has quickly released a version Black Pearl

Apple had announced a while back that he got out an iPhone truly innovative every 3 years. They soon passed and we should see this year an iPhone with a much more original design and, hopefully, with new technologies. 

the Apple iPhone Amazon price 7

$ 1 723 . 00


AndroidPIT iPhone 7 review 2969
which copy the other? © AndroidPIT

the advent of virtual reality

Google introduced its virtual reality platform: Daydream . It was announced in the Google I/O this year and is not reserved to Google devices, many Smartphones are compatible with this technology. Of course, the upcoming high-end smartphones should be compatible with Daydream with a virtual reality headset (for example Google Daydream View ).

The real question here is whether the public is ready for virtual reality. For the user, it is buying a high-end smartphone (which already costs a lot of money) compatible with the technology, more than a helmet which is not cheap either. The result? An experience that is nauseating to close a user on two. So get to totally control this technology and to impose large definitions (minimum QHD) including on Chinese smartphones which often just Full-HD, but the VR is a potential GoldMine it is likely that manufacturers will accelerate this transition process.

It will be at least 2 years before virtual reality technology is really to the point

what do you think?

The solution to the paradoxes

screen size

are two paradoxes in the world of smartphones. The first is their size: we want to use a larger screen because we want to play and watch videos in a more comfortable way. The problem is that the screen is big, the less convenient to carry. Lenovo, Samsung and others still work on a foldable screen system . Folding on half of it, IE as a flapper, or rolling around the wrist as Lenovo promises, it is possible that the technology be developed this year. Samsung has confirmed that one of its folding smartphones will be sold in 2017.

Samsung folding smartphone patent
the screen can be folded in half. © Samsung


the second paradox is the size of the batteries. They cannot be too big because it is a problem at the level of design / size, but if they are too small they do not allow users to operate the device as much as they want (especially in VR sessions that are energy-intensive). The problem of autonomy becomes one of the priorities of the world of smartphones and if have various solutions no concrete solution is proposed for the moment. We find a solution to this problem in 2017? 

What do you expect of the smartphones of 2017?

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