Here are the best games Android 2016 according to you

the year is soon coming to an end and time is on the balance sheet. We asked you what your favorite game in a poll, it’s time to unveil the games that you have the most this year. You had the choice between several games, check out the winners below.

the most checked on the poll is the “other” box, but since it is here of several different applications, we go directly to the second most popular proposal: Pokémon Go.

Favorite your game in 2016: Pokémon Go

not surprisingly, Pokémon GO was chosen as the most popular of the year game by more than 18% of the vote. The number of players and the craze for the game explain this result, it was a real phenomenon that has hit the headlines for better and for worse. 

It is above all an original game, success being essentially of the charm of the Pokémon universe (and its emotional impact on the generation Y) and its association with augmented reality. He had to travel in the real world to locate the Pokémon, unusual concept since most of the games only requires a screen and not (long) displacement of the user.

The game was at the center of the press, and not always in very positive articles. Because of crowding, there have been accidents and crime, sometimes to the point problems even to involve action by the police, the game was at the center of all the newspapers. Over time, many players are are tired and have stopped playing, but in any case it is one of the most popular games of the year.

AndroidPIT pokemon go 8950
it is one of the most played games this year. © AndroidPIT

what do you think of Pokémon GO? Do you think he deserves the interest that so many people brought him?

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