GPS watches expected THESE 2017

If you follow a few news GPS watches and wearables in general, then you look forward THESE 2017. Potentially, there could be beautiful revelations, like the Fenix 5 . Or a compatible with Galileo GPS watch. No, I don’t believe.

and more brands like Garmin or Polar who will be present, the CES 2017 will for the first time Wearable Tech Summit, which will bring together nearly 80 products. It should be interesting, because the connected watch dominate the wearables market.

what is the THESE?

THESE is short for Consumer Electronics Show. It is the largest electronics show in the world, which is held in Las Vegas since 2004. A bit like the Paris auto show what. Companies like Garmin, Samsung, or LG take advantage of this great show of electronics for the Keynotes and press conferences to present their new products.

when will take place on THESE 2017?

the show will take place from 5 to 8 January 2017. However some major announcements will be made in the days since the 3 and 4 are the ‘days press’. He must expect something new almost every day.

watches GPS and announced at the CES 2016 connected bracelets

last year, there has been 10 GPS watches ads and trackers of activity. I had presented as and as in article .

the star, it was of course the Fenix 3 HR, which has seen the Fenix 3 win again feature by integrating cardio optical sensor of the Forerunner 235. Suunto is presented the Ambit3 Vertical, integrating the GPS antenna into the bezel around the screen and a compatible GPS GLONASS.

on the side of the bracelets activity tracker, Fitbit has a lot with the Blaze, for her look of smartwatch. The other output noticed, it’s been the Under Armor Band. Not for its functionality (because it’s a classic activity tracker), but for the entry of the American giant of the sport in the wearables market.

what GPS watches hope THESE 2017?

everything that follows is only speculation on my part, based on my experience and my own analysis. Some are documented by leaks that have occurred in recent weeks, while others are less reliable. We’ll see in a few weeks if I had flair.

Garmin: Fenix 5, Fenix 5 S, Fenix 5 X

what? Three Fenix 5?! And no Fenix 4?… Well, Yes. Photos mid-November leaks very strongly support this thesis. I think we can believe 90%. Garmin could announce a new GPS multi-sport watch, which decline in 3 versions: Classic, extreme outdoor, premium; bracelets with different widths.

If you want to know more, go read the article I wrote already and that presents the Garmin Fenix 5 .

Suunto: nothing, whatever

Suunto will not present to the THESE in 2017. The Finnish brand has preferred to go out my latest model, the Spartan Ultra , during the summer. And engineers have a very busy road map, with features in development by March 2017. This choice to be absent, therefore, is not surprising.

However, we should not forget that Suunto has already announced a Spartan Trainer with sensor cardio at the wrist (the first cardio without belt of Suunto GPS Watch). But my release, which was to be for Christmas 2016 not took place, because of the delay in development of the Spartan Ultra. Suunto could finally enjoy the media buzz on wearables early January to announce the release of the Spartan Trainer. Especially as its optical sensor is provided by Vallencell, a company that will be presented to the THESE, she.

polar: V900

Polar has 2 tactics to take advantage of THESE 2017: like a lounge to present its latest GPS watches out end of 2016 ( M600 and M200 ) or a forum to present its new flagship (a V900 to replace the V800) models.

the M600 has certainly been a testing platform for the reliability of the new sensor optical cardio Polar. And the fact that it remains active in mode swimming well suggests to its integration on a future watch cardio GPS for the triathlon.

TomTom: nothing

either in 2015 or 2016, TomTom has announced its new features at the beginning of September, to maximize sales at Christmas time. With 3 new products in different product lines (GPS running watch, GPS watch outdoor and activity tracker bracelet) output end of 2016, I don’t think that TomTom still has something in the hold.

but there will be on the show Runner 3 LifeQ, the provider of the cardio optical sensor. It will be still interesting to follow its ads, just to see if new features could be added by software update.

Fitbit: Surge 2

Fitbit began my turn toward a new concern for the design with the Blaze at the CES 2016. Their flagship product, the load 2, it was announced in September. Then there are 2 possibilities for THESE 2017: Fitbit has nothing to present either Fitbit continues the renewal of its former range. And in this old range, it remains more than the Surge (single wristband Fitbit with GPS) to replace.

Under Armor: a with cardio activity tracker integrated

Under Armor is a giant in the world of sport, which made its entry on the market of the wearables to CES 2016 with an activity tracker and a connected scale. We know they’re going to announce a new product in 2017, without being sure that this announcement will be at the THESE. The upscaling could be done with a tracker of activity with cardio 24/24

Xiaomi: Arc and Sport

Xiaomi, it’s manufacturer Chinese low-cost that sells the most of activity tracker in the world after Fitbit. For THESE 2017, Xiaomi announced a ‘new product’ which must show how the brand ‘pushes the boundaries of innovation’. And in fact, they did not wait the THESE to get out a press release.

it will be a full line of wearables, which will be marketed under the brand Amazfit. The Sport is a new smartwatch with GPS, optical cardio and music player (like the Polar M600). Except that it will be sold around € 150. ARC is an activity tracker with sensor cardio and followed by sleep who announced 20 days of autonomy.



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