Google Maps: how to enable the new interface on your smartphone

Google Maps offers from today a new interface. If some improvements are interesting, others are less confusing and to cause since now, to access the navigation steps during a trip, this will click twice instead of one, which makes the application less convenient to use. All, however, is not to throw. Here’s how to turn on this new interface.

astuce google maps

so far, Google has not yet communicated on the new interface of the GPS application. It was discovered by accident by an editor of the site Android Police, who found himself obliged to clear application data. Don’t need know use Google Maps like a pro !  When he revived him and to again wanted to use it, he got a little surprise, the interface was changed.

google maps interface

now, when browsing, when you click on the time remaining, you have more direct access at different stages of the journey but a new menu in which you are offered a search option on the trip, alternative routes, the steps of your route and a shortcut to navigation settings.

google maps nouvelle interface

in summary, access to the various stages of the route does not require only a click but two, which can prove to be particularly disturbing in car. In addition, options to traffic and satellite images are, only proposed in the left menu must be developed before you can access it.

Note that, for once, you won’t need to download an APK file to discover the changes. The update is done on Google’s servers. So you just make sure that you have of the latest version of Google Maps available in the Store, you need then to erase data from the application in your phone settings to activate the new interface.

It is possible that the new interface is not yet deployed in any world. On our side, we got it on the first try on a Sony Xperia Z5 under Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and running the 9.41.1 application version.

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