Electronics and Leisure Magazine No. 137 was released

elm_137_couverture_250px the number 137 of the journal electronics and Leisure Magazine is available at your Newsagent and remain until February 2017.
As usual you will find the Raspberry Pi and Arduino in this issue 137 Elm.
The camera of the Raspberry Pi is honored with a 10-page article in which we find all the info and useful parameters for ‘overview’ Raspberry.
The Arduino course continues and explains how to use an SD card to store data (GPS, weather, environment…). I invite you to browse the contents of this magazine which I remind you that you can the summary online but also browse much of the journal before deciding to buy it.


come on here the long winter night arriving. More time to read, test, mount kits… I’ll take you to the discovery of the summary of this N ° 137 Elm.

a new book on the Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero

elm_137_p4_600px a good start 🙂 since electronics and Leisure Magazine opens with the description… of my guestbook 😉 released early November the Editions ENI, followed an interview with the author. The images that illustrate the article are taken from the book.

CAMERA PI: sense of the view for the RaspberryPi


this article examines the digital vision using a RaspberryPI and a camera module named “IP Camera”. This camera can shoot a video to 1080 p 30 standard or a resolution of 1080 vertical lines with 30 frames per second, and a horizontal resolution of 1920 points. It supports the video format HD 720 p 60 with a horizontal resolution of 1280 points by 720 vertical lines and 60 frames per second and VGA format. The settings to adjust the camera are seen in detail, in particular the application of effects filters.

Platinum development for PIC18F8XXX – II


in this second part, the firmware of the development for PIC-18F8XXX Platinum is analyzed. The routines, which are written in assembler for PIC, are optimized for use in the environment of development of Microchip MPLAB, but also for various compilers such as the PICBASIC and the CCS. A very comprehensive article for those who wish to implement the PIC microcontrollers.

course ARDUINO – VII th part


in this seventh lesson of the course Arduino, you will learn to use a memory card of type “SDCard”. For this the author uses an eCard designed to be interfaced with Arduino. For this application, it is an adapter for SD card already ready for use you will find easily in the trade, it’s the “SD Card shield V4.0” adapter.

a Christmas tree Chameleon


there are two different approaches to achieve a Christmas gadget that takes the color of the media on which it is based. This is an opportunity to see the difference between the development of a project ‘amateur’ and a ‘commercial’ product In particular, for electronics, two approaches are discussed: a realization based on Arduino and another from scratch based on a specific microcontroller. The interest of this article is the implementation of an integrated circuit capable of recognizing colors (the r ^ ve for a color blind like me 😀).

printer 3D VERTEX – part III


in the previous number 136 of electronics and Leisure Magazine, you had discovered the mechanical construction of the 3DVERTEX. Article stopped at the Assembly of the printhead (extruder) which, let us recall, is a long and painstaking step. Now, in this third part, Assembly of the print head that still requires a very careful work.

maps of prototyping “BREAKOUT BOARD” multifunction – III


the series of prototyping cards proposed by ELM grows with various useful features such as managing a relay logic levels, interfacing to an optical sensor and a multiple linear supply, which provides 3 voltages stabilized with standard values: 9 VDC 3.3 VDC and 5 VDC. Finally you will learn about a D/A converter managed by the I2C BUS, whose functioning is studied using an Arduino Uno card.

arm robotic 5 movements


among the many present robots on the market, ELM has tested a product kit that will interest certainly avid readers of Robotics but also novices in this area. It’s a real ‘toy’ technology. It is a robotic arm capable of 5 movements and lifting a weight of 100 g squeezing between my artificial ‘fingers’ and not only in the vertical direction. It has upgraded its claws of an LED in white light that illuminates the work area.

run programming on iPhone – III


in this third lesson of the course of programming on iPhone, you will study model also known as design patterns of design (in English “Design Patterns”), which the concept has been addressed in the first part. Specifically, you will learn how to use two of them: the ‘Model View Controller’ (model-view-controller) and the ‘Singleton ‘.

and finally…

elm_137-pub_600px a – large – page ad for framboise314, the blog and social networks. Thanks to ELM who participates in its own way to the Raspberry Pi community by offering to the blog this way to get framboise314 🙂!

the type of printed circuit, libraries and scripts are downloadable on the website of the journal, in the topic… Download.
ELM is one of the latest journals which talk electronics and € 8,30 spent on electronics and Leisure Magazine (100 pages) you open doors on various items, with the ability to flip through a part of the online magazine before buy you!

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