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Pokémon GO is the new mobile game from Nintendo that sensation. Based on the Pokémon franchise, the game is not yet officially available in France. But rest assured, it is already possible to download Pokémon GO and install it on Android. This is so a dedicated article in which you can find the new version of Pokémon GO application (in the form of an installation APK file), how install the game on your Android and all the latest news. Currently, Pokémon GO is available in the 0.49.1 version. For what’s new ( here is ) and to download the new version ( here is ).

highlight the latest changes

where to download APK of Pokémon GO on Android

this version of the application is compatible from Android 4.4 KitKat. 

Download Pokémon GO in its latest version:

old version:

how to install APK of Pokémon GO on Android

proceed as for install an external application :

  • turn on installing applications from unknown sources
    (trouvable dans les «Paramètres > Sécurité > Sources inconnues»)

  • find the APK from the Play Store in the application downloads

  • open the file and install the new version of Pokémon GO!

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before you download the APK from Pokémon GO, you must activate the unknown sources in the system settings. © ANDROIDPIT

If you have problems installing or operating, it is always possible to download an older version of the Pokémon GO APK, which may regulate encountered malfunctions.

What’s new in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO 0.49.1

promised, due thing. Niantic has finally released the update so long awaited by the fans. However, unlike what could wait, aren’t 100 new Pokémon that have been added but 7. These Pokémon are Pokémon of second generation. For example, it is the baby Pikachu called Pichu, or an Elekid, a tiny Electabuzz as a child.

you can get by walking around the eggs. Some hatch from 2 km, such as Cleffa and Igglypuff, while Pichu and Togepi to walk 5 km. Altogether, these are so 7 new Pokémon:

  • Magby (baby Magmar)

  • Elekid, (baby Electabuzz)

  • Cleffa, (baby Clefairy)

  • Igglypuff, (baby Jigglypuff)

  • Pichu (Pikachu baby)

  • Smoochum (baby Jynx)

  • Tyrogue

the good news is that Niantic is likely to add new Pokemon soon. 

Pokémon GO 0.43.3

this new version does not really significant changes. On the one hand, some bugs and problems (unknown, for the moment) were resolved, other various innovations have been made. These include the color of the eggs which is now adapted to the distance of the player: when you are away it appears garnet red then turns green when you get closer. Another change: If you have the accessory Pokémon Go more you can now see the battery level in the game. In addition, you can easily see what kind of Pokémon it through symbols displayed directly on the Info page.

Pokémon GO prepares for Halloween: 26-November 1st you’ll have a kind of ‘happy hour’ for your Pokémon. Whenever you catch / hatch / transfer Pokémon, you’ll earn double candy. A ‘Halloween’ layer will be there of course with scary Pokémon!

Pokémon GO 0.41.4

as expected, Niantic has published its update on Pokémon Go. This aims to make life easier for trainers. Hunting rare Pokémon is made easier thanks to bonuses of capture. In practice, more you capture Pokémon of water for example, type more likely you to meet others of the same type. Another novelty, training in arenas is easier because ‘ it is now possible to combat arenas of your faction with a team of six Pokémon instead of one before the update. 

Other reported improvements, include that screens eggs and incubators update regularly the distance traveled. The idea here is to encourage players to close and reopen the interface rather than displayed permanently. The time of animation of the evolutions of Pokémon have been simplified, and are generally shorter to allow players to make XP faster. Finally, Niantic has fixed the proglemes of sound.

androidpit pokemon go
new bonuses arrived on Pokémon Go. © Niantic

Pokémon GO 0.39.0

a new update was launched by Niantic. The new version fixes bugs and adds some new features:

  • place of capture: the place where you caught a Pokémon is now indicated on the corresponding Pokémon information screen.

  • the Pokémon GO Plus and incense: trainers can try to catch the Pokémon they come across using the incense of the Pokémon GO accessory.

Pokémon GO 0.37.0

as expected, the update Niantic, the creator of Pokémon Go, announced arrived. The main novelty is the addition of the Pokemon Buddy, that is to say a Pokémon friend in french. With this update, players will be able to choose their favorite among those who have been captured Pokémon. It will remain by your side in the game, like Pikachu near Ash in the cartoon.

It allows to obtain some such bonus win candy when you walk together. If you tire to have at your side or if you have a favorite for another Pokémon, don’t worry, you can change it.

pokemon go
you can choose which Pokémon accompany you. © Niantic

the other new features include selection of Pokémon small on the screen has been made easier. Niantic took advantage of the update to fix a problem of animation during the hatching of eggs, improved the reliability of the application during the transition from one network to another and the support of the bracelet Pokémon GO Plus .

Pokémon GO 0.33.0

as expected, Niantic issued an update to correct some problems caused by my last updated . Throwing Pokeballs is supposed to be more accurate and facilitates the capture level.  The new version also allows to change my nickname (possible only once), add a message to remind players that they should not play Pokémon Go driving. Thus, beyond a certain speed limit, he asked whether or not they are a passenger. If it’s not, if not, they will not be able to play.

Finally, in addition to several bug fixes, Pokémon GO also introduces a new type of tracker for Pokémon. ‘Close’ part that reveals the Pokémon nearby was renamed “Pokémon found. Rather than display only Pokémon that are around you, the game displays now several lines of Pokémon, associated with the Pokestops on which they will appear. A function that will delight the urban players but a bit less people isolated in the countryside where the Pokestops are rare.

androidpit FR pokemon go apercus
‘Close’ part that reveals the Pokémon nearby was renamed “Pokémon found. to AndroidPIT

Pokémon Go 0.31.0

a new version of Pokémon GO is available for download, but it’s not yet on the Store. The update includes many improvements and bug fixes. It is also the real first update since the release of the game.

Avatars can be customized from the profile screen, memory problems have been improved, the footprints of the Pokémon nearby have been removed, some animations have been reviewed.

Pokémon Go 0.29.3

[1945900[3] this new version comes to fix a few bugs and improve the connection to servers.

Pokémon Go 0.29.2

new version of Pokémon GO 0.29.2 brings my small batch of news. Now, players no longer have to fill in their login and password in case of forced logoff. Connecting via a Pokémon Trainer Club account has been improved. Finally, in addition to fixes of bugs, Pokémon GO already supports Android 7.0 N Developer Preview and some processors Intel (including that of the Asus ZenFone 2).

Pokémon GO: features and gameplay

the game was developed by the former subsidiary of Google Niantic and reminiscent of their first game Ingress. The aim of the game is to capture as many as possible and of course places to catch Pokémon.

Pokémon Go uses augmented reality and so the environment in which you move. In fact, if you want to advance in the game, you need so walk in your city. Pokemon appear through your camera. The game features the 151 Pokémon available in the original Red and Blue versions. Of course, personalization is also the appointment

IMG 20160706 092854 HDR 1467790309770
ready to play? © ANDROIDPIT

Pokémon GO: attention to the pirated version

before the success of Pokémon GO, crafty took advantage of the craze to propose a pirated version of the game. However, this version contains a malware called DroidJack that allows to remotely control users smartphones. So be careful if you download one APK of Pokémon GO other than with the link that we provide at the beginning of the article. 

If you do not use the link that we provide, but another source, we recommend to look at the required permissions and to compare them with those requested by the official app. The APK that contains the malware will be asked permission to call contacts or to write messages, which is not the case of the official APK. 

Have you ever played the game? Tell us your impressions!

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