Do you still need a mini-jack port on your smartphone?

before we go any further, it is very, very likely that the answer to the question “is it a problem if we lose the 3.5 mm connector” is highly subjective. If you use headphones with a cable, it will be difficult to convince you that you need more of this port.

As already mentioned, and as is often the case, although Apple has popularized this trend, there aren’t the only ones to be launched in the field of wireless for smartphones. They weren’t actually even the first; Lenovo is separated from the cable to the output of the Z and LeEco Moto has also developed a number of phones that are not equipped with what was for a long time the standard port. Rumors say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not have, is not a trend that can be expected to see reversed, even in the long term.

AndroidPIT Moto Z Daydream 2108
you can do a lot of things with the bike Z, except plug headphones… © ANDROIDPIT

in the end, we can expect that all the phones drop out this port for a port USB Type-C (or Lightning, in the case of Apple), even though it may take some time before brands and models the best market adapt. They do, however, because the fact that people use the USB – C as uniform port for all their needs makes sense from the point of view of companies that manufacture the devices. And that makes even less sense for Apple to keep, because the fact that they have patented the previous ports will allow them to make millions through the people who will buy the connectors and adapters which, eventually, will become obsolete and must be replaced.

It’s a way to treat its customers that leaves to be desired, but even if the followers of Apple may think that the company is here to save the world from its problems, she is actually only a company that is very good when it comes to making money, and remove the mini-jack port will bring to Apple a little more. It’s the same thing with the Airpod Bluetooth to 179 euros, if you lose one (or two), you must replace them.

For Android, the situation is somewhat different – can you name an a Smartphone manufacturer who also makes wireless headphones Bluetooth? – because the potential for immediate profits is not so obvious. Android phones have until now mainly were equipped with standard connections, so there is no particular business which will see a significant increase in its sales of adapters. There is no direct profit that can be made by removing the mini-jack ports (outside – certainly tiny – potential of savings by not including earphone with cable) Android phones.

The (DIS) advantage ultimate

this does not answer the question of whether we still need the mini-jack port. If the phone that is in your Pocket would tend to say yes, I would say for my part No.

The headphones were my favorite in 2014 gadgets and I presented the TrackAir as the perfect Christmas gift. I continue to use the pair I tested two years ago for the same reason at the time – it represents the ultimate in comfort. No need to bother with cables, more need to put it on cable under your jacket or shirt to prevent cling everywhere. All what you need to do is to put them on is to support play.  

If you are a big fan of the earphones with cable, you’re going to disagree or do not understand me, unless you use good headphones Bluetooth for a while, you will see that it offers something so much more comfortable that it becomes indispensable. It is also rather convenient to be able to program the headphones to the connect to your TV for the late gaming sessions without having to lug a cable of 3 metres across the room.

AndroidPIT Sennheiser PCX 550 0341
the quality of Bluetooth headphones improved very fast in recent years and the price, meanwhile, has dropped drastically. © AndroidPIT

of course, all is not rosy with the Bluetooth headphones – and therefore with the fact of losing jack earbuds. For example, it should load them. Good old earphones to cable was never need to remember you to charge them before using them, and it’s true, you need to load your Bluetooth headphones regularly if you use them a lot. Your experience will vary depending on the earphones you, but from my experience a charge of 20 minutes on the TracksAir enough to use them for six hours, and can load them for up to 15 hours of use.

And if you don’t want to load them, many can be used as traditional headphones. Yes, this requires a 3.5 mm to the port adapter USB Type-C (or Lightning, for Apple), but there’s certainly one in the box of your new phone.

Growing pains

change for wireless headphones will be however not entirely without a hitch. the 3.5 mm jack port is a universal standards that existed for 50 years and runs transversely with any device. Lose that advantage will involve some adjustments – is it will be much, much more problematic for Apple users, because Apple always uses its own ports on other devices. That said, this isn’t the fault of technology, it’s Apple.     

There is that one issue that comes to mind at the moment I can’t find solution with Bluetooth headphones, it’s the fact of not being able to share a device while we’re listening to or watching something with someone else. But here again, we come back to the solution of headphones cable with an adapter, and then a separator for listener will do.

It seems terribly stupid is would certainly experience the less “futuristic” you lived for a long time, but honestly, how often do you use your phone like that? I have precisely once in the last two years, but the option is still at the moment where you need.

The future is wireless anyway, and cling to a technology certainly very useful but definitely outdated, while Bluetooth is now cheap enough and good enough to replace, on behalf of faults occurring in a few rare moments makes for me no sense.

But maybe you think differently. Are you angry at the disappearance of the mini-jack ports? You’re not sure what it is? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

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