Do we need smartphones with 6 GB of RAM? No!

I have nothing against progress, on the contrary. But there is something I have trouble understanding in the development of the smartphones of today. Three of the smartphones tops whose outputs are coming will offer 6 GB of RAM. But I highly doubt that have as much memory is required.

you will probably think that I sound like a grandfather… Next year will be many smartphones with 6 GB of RAM. The summer 2015, Samsung announced the use of DRAM chips in its future models of phones and it seems that the manufacturer is ready to launch them into production.

Vernee, OnePlus and Samsung are about to release these smartphones spiked to the RAM manufacturers. In the case of the Galaxy S8 , we’re even talking about 8 GB of RAM. Usually, I welcome with open arms the advances in technology, but in this case I am skeptical about the real value of having as much memory in a phone.

I am skeptical about the real value of having as much memory in a phone

why do we need 6 or even 8 GB of RAM? Okay, Android is Linux based and is designed in such a way that applications can use as much RAM as possible. This reduces load times because the RAM can easily switch from one application to another.

My Nexus 6 p current has 3 GB of RAM and installed on it applications have used a maximum of 66 percent of the memory available in the last 24 hours. About 2 GB so that there are 55 active applications. So can I install 150 applications to make the purchase of a S8 worthwhile? Is the iPhone next to the plate offering 2 GB of RAM?

AndroidPIT iPhone SE 4162
the iPhone is shipped with 2 GB of RAM. Why offer smartphones to 6 GB of RAM on Android? © ANDROIDPIT

in my case, the RAM is obviously not a problem. But I spend fortunes in the purchase of a smartphone. I do not wish to invest in components that don’t bring me any advantage. Give me a battery that lasts for three days, a screen that doesn’t work when I use a VR helmet or that does not shatter if you fall. But offer me no extra RAM simply because you have nothing improved in other components.

And if you care to offer always more RAM, tell us the reason.

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