Are the root days numbered?

it is a reality that is hard to deny. The root is more complicated on Android, the fault every year to the new updates that masterfully complicate the task. In addition, manufacturers now add many features that make the root becomes less and less necessary. Are the days of the root then numbered? Attempt to answer.

the root, less and less necessary. Why?

First of all, I want to tell you that I am a big fan of the root and 2 of 3 Android terminals that I have are rootes (only the Xperia Z2 has been spared for now). The HTC One S, the oldest of the three, needed the root to resurrect (curiously, this was also the cause of my temporary death), and the LG G2 to bring something new and at the same time satisfy my cravings to Flash a phone.

The Xperia Z2 was spared, if the root is not necessary (or much less). I sincerely believe that this practice will go away (to my regret) in a future close, maybe not in a year or two, but maybe in 5 years. It would be a real shame because this is precisely the root which has paved the way for Android to evolve.

androidpit nexus 5 bootloader 1
rooter has become less and less necessary. © ANDROIDPIT

so, manufacturers of smartphones were inspired by the root to improve their functionality and incorporate some into their interfaces, it makes less interesting the root of smartphones. This development by manufacturers (which greatly helps standard users) is the one who “killed” the root slowly, but I’ll talk a little later in this article.

Android makes it difficult for rooter our smartphones

this is a secret. If you follow the evolution of Android, you know already, version after version, it is more and more difficult to root a smartphone. The will of Google is not to make life impossible, but rather to protect the system from attacks and other malware including Android is victim. It is even more true when you consider important for the Mountain View company to secure Pay Android, its mobile payment solution.

When we rootons our smartphone, we make it in fact more vulnerable. It also depends on how we use this advantage. We may want the root to make it even more secure that it is or even to uninstall applications preinstalled by default.

for any reason, we must be aware that we expose more our data to malicious people

for any reason, we must be aware that we expose more data to malicious people. This is why Android makes the more complicated task. The reality is also that the developers have improved and refuse to give us our “ration” of ROME, flashes…

There is still hope

with the arrival of Android Pay, the solution for flash fans is the systemless root that gives you what you want without sacrificing the Android payment solution. This method will evolve gradually and I am confident that developers will improve the process.

meilleures applications android root xposed images 00
often, modules are sufficient grounds for rooting the phone. © ANDROIDPIT

the root must not be abandoned because it is a source of motivation for Android engineers but also for manufacturers that will add the proposed new features. 

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