AquaPi - the raspberry PI as a underwater camera [Full Guide]

I really waited until someone trying out an AquaPi or a similar project. I have played myself with the idea to put a PI in one of my underwater housing and to make a time-lapse recording . This would have the advantage that I could place the camera on the reef and me then remove. About what’s going on under the water so interested of course as a fan of a neat dive with camera equipment.

the AquaPi

for the AquaPi you need a waterproof housing, a camera module, a battery, and if you are using a PI 3, a Wi-FI card. You can then remotely to control the AquaPi. The hostapd, dnsmasq and Python flask software components are used.

so here the problems begin. So the PI remote control works only in very shallow water or if the housing is still partially afloat. That’s clear.

the next thing is the case. The AquaPi took some a clear food storage box or similar. It is also only for shallow water. You go so deep, the pressure will destroy the housing. The content is then flooded with water, and you can imagine that this is less healthy.

In dem Gehäuse ist der AquaPi nur bedingt sicher (Quelle:

in the case of AquaPi is only conditionally safe (source:

but OK, quite nice. In shallow water, there is also much to see. To take pictures without Flash, there is even better. The sun shines more colours can be seen in the shallow water. The picture is so colorful. The deeper you go, the more the colors are absorbed and Red disappears first. So many recordings by cameras without Flash are just blue or have a stark blue tint. With a red filter you can compensate somewhat, but only up to 15 maximum 20 meters into the sea.

with such a picture advertises you not

but an image must be still not disarmed themselves through these technical hurdles. To see what not pictured below, is a crab. If I push a project, I draw not behind the stove with a work so before.

Der AquaPi macht keine überzeugenden Bilder (Quelle:

the AquaPi makes no convincing images (source:

the argument that some underwater cameras are very expensive, in the article, one can hardly apply in this case. I’ve seen GoPro clone for less than 100 euros, which are waterproof up to 15 meters and take better pictures. At least they make sharp images.

much more interesting in this project which is optionally marked Pimoroni Enviro pHAT . Thus be measured temperature, pressure and so on. This would make the raspberry PI in its waterproof housing rather than weather station suitable and less as an underwater camera.

what you can learn from this project however, is to use the raspberry PI as an access point.

Nice PI-constellation

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you can gladly give your mustard to this post: here is the comments



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