AndroidPIT: when writers read the negative comments of users

the 2016 year coming to an end and, let’s face it, all is not necessarily gone as we had hoped. But, as in any marriage, we were at your side, in good but also bad times. Before the kickoff of the new year, so we jokingly decided to revisit some of your negative comments on the site.

we leave behind us a year very eventful, interesting articles… and others much more boring. But this is just the beginning of a new journey. In 2016, the editors of each country formed a full-fledged international editorial team to meet your needs: those of a multicultural community. With us, the Android world is reduced to a small village. We want to get in touch with you in six languages in which we publish our items and we want to grow thanks to your feedback. The first big step was completed in 2016: in some cases, the changes have been positive, in other articles have been criticized.

On our forum, our social networks and our articles, we have selected some of the worst comments you have written, and we made them read to publishers, those responsible for the content. We have summarized the experience in a video below. Since the drafting of AndroidPIT is international, you will find the comments in the original languages. Have fun!

we expect 2017 forward to address new topics related to our favorite World: that of Android!

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