Android Nougat test: new features exclusive to the new models

let us in to the facts: If your smartphone has not the Nexus logo or the letter G brilliant on its front, you have probably not yet update to Nougat. The deployment of this update has been delayed, as usual, so that Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers take a bit of time to make their devices compatible with the new OS. Nothing that for your eyes, your telephone company may benefit from the update to a few lucky before deploying on a larger fleet of terminals in the coming months until finally, all clients have the update installed. And by then, Android 8 will be probably available. 

The Android Nougat on Nexus 6 p test

I had entered my Nexus 6 p early enough to be able to have the update to Nougat and I kept an eye on the development of the BONES. Now, the last one version is on my smartphone, and I’m a little disappointed. The number of innovations is derisory and those that are really cool are reserved for new devices such as the Pixel, way overpriced. I want to talk about integrated updates, encryption based on the files for a quick start and especially the wizard system intuitive thanks to artificial intelligence (file-based encryption can be enabled later, but you must then remove, which is pretty reasonable).

In our test of Nougat, all you will see are out notifications, customizable quick start icons, the multiwindow mode, and the ‘easter egg’ the most futile since Gingerbread. The functions are of good quality but already well known to users as LG and Samsung have integrated them in their devices for a long time, until Hiroshi Lockheimer, boss of the Android division, decides to adapt them for the Android OS itself.

androidpit Nexus 6P 13 N
Nexus 6 p with Nougat. © ANDROIDPIT

I want to test this famous Wizard!

For reasons that it is hard to understand, Google Nexus users like me are treated as second-class with this Nougat update clients. We see that the little bit of what includes the Pixel range. The terminals are already passed to Android 7.1, while one stays on 7.0.

Google has created a strange company with two Nougats

this is in addition to the security options cool single Nougat can offer – in theory, at least. Little by little, the wizard will prove to be a more formidable, and gradually becomes the interface between your voice and the digital universe that makes up your home.

It is only when the last non-connected fridge will have a network connection that the full potential of the wizard will be fully assimilated; your kitchen will write your shopping list to your place, and will politely ask you if you want to order the missing ingredients for a dish. Okay, the level of the Assistant is rather at the grass roots, but it is a little better than its predecessor, Google Now. There is not much else beyond appointments, reminders, calls, voice over IP and booking of tables in restaurants. But isn’t that a start, I’m sure.

AndroidPIT Google pixel XL google assistant tripple
still today, the wizard is only scratching the surface of my potential. © AndroidPIT

conversational agents working with artificial intelligence as an Assistant, as “Alexa, Siri and M [de Facebook] will create the first multi-trilliardaire company” – according to a recent article on Venture Beat. These agents are seen as one of the best innovations of the year: the Huffington Post, Business Insider and even The Economist agree on this point. It is even logical: there is a lot of money to be made in exploitation of user data and links custom between sellers and customers.

android cortana image 00
A contrario of the wizard, Cortana is available on the Store in several languages. © ANDROIDPIT

the reason why Google has excluded former clients – including me, a user of Nexus – of this important step in their innovations, I don’t explain it. You get artificial intelligence only in dribs and drabs and we have order the wizard via Allo, the 137th superfluous messaging application that is not fun at all and and no sense given my large number of competitors on the market.

pixel Launcher Install on Google Play

it is even more absurd when you can simply download the alternative proposed by Microsoft, Cortana, since the Store. Cortana includes many features of the Google Wizard, can network its Windows desktop with a smartphone and Microsoft managed another exploit: seen that artificial intelligence is machine learning, she knows a bit more gradually and to measure and feeds its servers with data.

OK Google, give me the Pixel Launcher!

I want to have the nexus, but it is impossible, it is Pixel Launcher. It seems much better than the old Now Launcher, offering entertainment to breathtaking, and – in any case, on the Pixel – rather creative animated wallpapers, as I had not seen since the Macbook Pro 10 years ago. In what appears to be a trick, the ID on the Store is always, even if we can’t install it on the Nexus range.

Of course, it is always possible to through an APK , but this should not be necessary. Why does Google exclude its customers the most curious (namely, Nexus users)? Without the wizard or the Pixel Launcher, Nougat test loses its charm. And saw that it expected a redesign of the Samsung S Voice thanks Viv, it becomes even more strange that Nougat stands out as much of my predecessor as an OS.

Of course, all this applies to devices that make the upgrade to Android Marshmallow to Nougat. The new devices can also thank him for the added value: fastest starts through a more sophisticated encryption and integrated updates.

Android has more sites to come

there is still a lot of features that Android needs to improve. It still lacks a backup feature, a must for all application developers. I shouldn’t have to reinstall all my applications to each new purchase of smartphone.

And – no matter what you think of Android as OS – Google really needs to solve its problems to Play Store. There are still a lot of horrible spam, that have not been detected and deleted despite a very typical rating of one to five stars system. Even Microsoft has done my spring on its application store cleaning.

Ultimately, updates of security make the update to almost superfluous Nougat.

Through the monthly security patches, update Nougat is superfluous in practice. Before 2015, one of the decisive arguments for the quick arrival of new versions of Android, it was the security of your data. But a firm has forced the hand of Google and other manufacturers of smartphones, and suddenly, a steady and reliable patches set has been implemented to mitigate security vulnerabilities. Since then, they became monthly and in theory, are available even for 5.0 Lollipop Android devices. This means that your smartphone Marshmallow can stay secure without the pointless Nougat update, as long as the patches for Marshmallow are published.

Do you have Nougat? How do you find the update?

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