Android: 7 steps to follow before using your phone for the first time

you just received your brand new Android smartphone. You’re impatient (e), quite understandably. However, it is strongly recommended to follow a few quick steps before you can fully use its Android smartphone. We give you 7 to begin the adventure at best.

etapes nouveau smartphone android

next lines of this tutorial are all new entrants. These 7 steps before using your new terminal will allow you to get off to good start with your Android smartphone .

Often we leave overwhelmed by impatience and have a tendency to rush us on the subject in order to discover all its capabilities, this kind of behavior taking precedence over a minute of reflection can sometimes cause problems, whether they are benign or not.

7 steps to follow before using your new Android smartphone


7 choses à faire avant utiliser smartphone neuf

this is probably going to sound like a no-brainer for many of you, however, several times people have realized after the fact that was missing parts or their smartphone featured a few anomalies.

So be sure that your new purchase is in good condition, everything is shiny, smooth, flawless. Also, consider carefully the instructions and the warranty conditions; in this regard, Sony held lately to dot on the ‘i’ about the tightness of its Xperia Z5 .

It is important to keep abreast the better possible via specialized (like ours for example) on the news blogs brands of your devices in order to keep a constant monitoring on the operation of devices, their updates days, etc.

back to our unpacking, generally, the boxes contain a small tool to remove your smartphone think well keep in the event of a change of SIM card and battery. A micro-USB cable to load and store your data as well as the headphones should also be included.

Download of data

Andru chargeur

once everything is in order and that you have all the items, you’re going to have to put the smartphone in charge because the next hours will be quite intense for its battery , an interruption would not be welcome at this important stage. Put you on sector.

The second step at this level is to connect if possible to a Wi – Fi network . Many data may be downloaded and you don’t want to deplete your package datas, this is why we recommend that you connect to a local network.

First login to Google


from the ignition of your phone brand new, a small built-in tutorial should indicate you the next steps to follow. Firstly, it should be connect to your Google account (create it if you do not yet). You can skip this step however, you’ll be greatly disadvantaged and enjoy experience complete Android, Google overseeing a large number of applications and managing all your connected devices .

Connect to Google gives you access to many services offered by the Mountain View giant and in addition, will synchronize the time, date, your contacts automatically, and many others. If you already have an Android, the smartphone will connect directly to the Play Store and download the applications you had on your old model.

Familiarize yourself with the menus

we tend to overlook this step, claiming that we will have all the time to come back to it later or that force, we will remember the location of this or that function. Generally, this ends in a groping search session in the meanders of the many options offered by your phone.

htc desire 310 interface

as well, as long as your new device not awash not in applications, take the opportunity to achieve a cognitive map of its menus look where such adjustment, such option, etc. This may seem tedious and annoying, but in the long run, will save you time precious in your manipulations.

Disable applications operators/constructors

Désinstaller bloatware

these are the applications that we call “bloatware”. These services imposed by the manufacturers and operators in order to maintain a presence (this can make money) on your device usually end up not weigh heavy on the memory of your device. The latest information announced that some of these applications integrated to some smartphones from Xiaomi or Lenovo could contain spyware .

The simplest is to get rid of these applications, you may all how to very little use. During the first setup of your mobile, they will also ask if you wish additional services, including a growing malware protection, feel free to decline these requests . Keep in mind that the only thing need to do at this stage is to connect to your account on Google, nothing else.

Once the Setup is complete, go to the Application under the settings menu. Locate the applications that existed already before you take the camera in your hand. If solutions exist to uninstall , disable them will already be a job well done.

Secure your smartphone

securite smartphone experts plus vulnerables

this is one of the most crucial points for the majority of you. Your smartphone will contain private where information enhance the security of your data , whether credit card details, your messages or even your photos/videos.

The first bases of protection remain well obviously establishing a pin and a locking by schema . Some Android terminals offer additional services like the advantage that lets you use your smartphone near a familiar Bluetooth or Wi – Fi network but who will remain locked in somewhere else.

Android security: the right things to protect themselves from the virus.

Set up your Android


even if your smartphone downloads your legacy applications, anything you don’t have to stay confined to the past, enjoy your device new test its capabilities by trying new applications , they use the fingerprint reader, or your photo sensor technologies. You can also further customize your device by downloading of new launchers or even as keyboards SwiftKey, one of the best alternative keyboards allowing a better hit.

Best Android Launchers: our selection September 2016


your smartphone should represent a part of yourself and you should feel you like at home. Android is one of the best operating systems for this because the customization of the environment is really wide. Set up your preferences, view your taste…

Do you before these seven steps? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments what are the first things you like to do with a brand new smartphone, if you have some small habits, rituals in the personalization of your Android.

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