A friend's question: what programming language should I learn? -Obviously... [Full Guide]

I was asked a few days ago: “ you’re so a computer person, right? I would like to a little program to teach. What programming language should I learn first? Python, PHP, Java, HTML, or CSS?”

that this question comes from a layman, is obvious. What always not quite clear to me is whether the people confuse Java with JavaScript or not. But not really does something to the cause. That he first called Python, OK wondering a bit, however. So that you can answer such a question, you have to actually immediately put a counter-question:

“you for ever ever programmed did or did come with a programming language into contact?

this question was answered in the negative, and therefore the answer is crystal clear.

the best programming language to start

I’ve then a little hooked to, to find out how much idea of the good man does not have. So I wanted to make sure actually nu, I give you the right answer. Someone told me once, that to tell things most handiest if you so it represents, that a child understands it.

therefore, the answer in this case can be only so: scratch !

the answer is neither pejorative nor has meant, but my full Ernst. The thing is that the basic understanding for all programming languages is the same. I need to know what does a loop, which makes it a if… elseif… else are and so on. As soon as I get these constructs and internalized, can I devote myself in the syntax of the language and must not plagued with understanding and syntax at the same time me.

maybe schmunzelst you now as a professional, but let’s remember how you did the driving licence. Steer, switch, look in the mirror, Flash, pay attention to the traffic and and and all at the same time a huge Act was at the beginning. Only after a while automatisms are, when we have internalized things than people.

it is also using a programming language. Scratch is an excellent way to learn the basis of programming for adults. What do you mean because also, children they say after they learn even easier.

scratch right sale

even if scratch is child-friendly, you must not construed it. You can sell it so that it playfully the basic knowledge of programming learning can be. That’s a Yes does not lie.

I told my friend that scratch has many advantages for the beginning. First of all he must install nothing. Scratch 2.0 runs in the browser. You can install offline scratch 2 , however need Adobe AIR. The software is independent of the platform and runs on Linux, macOS and Windows alike.

you will see results very quickly. Visually your project will be demonstrated immediately friends. Any change in your code construct you get immediately, what you just did.

you can do your projects store and recharge. There is also thousands of projects (over 18 million!), which you can browse, try out and fork are allowed. There are even useful tutorials that will help you get started in scratch.

Die erste Programmiersprache in Deinem Leben könnte Scratch sein - es gibt sogar Tutorials

the first language in your life could be scratch – there are even tutorials

that is programming language scratch differently

scratch is of course with my code blocks that together click mouse differently than Python or JavaScript. A program created with scratch looks for example like this. However, it follows the same principles as other languages, only it is visually so prepared, even beginners easily understand it. This is the great strength of scratch.

Code-Blöcke bestimmen den Ablauf des Programms

code blocks determine the flow of the program

of course much more can

scratch to run as a winning hangover across the screen. In pizza, you take Chief , for example your hands to toss the dough in the air. So, it’s video sensing possible. Or look small Halloween adventure witch that at . That can keep up fast with some old game boy games (even though the size is manageable).

Witch - ein kleines Adventure

witch – a little adventure

alone these two projects give you an idea, you can be as creative with scratch. So, learning a programming language is certainly more fun as chopping loops for PHP in a text editor.

that have confirmation

yesterday I confirmation received that my recommendation for the learning of the first language was correct. Very excited my friend of scratch has spoken and said, that was exactly what he needs. He’s got that same piped to another family member, which also would like to learn a little programming.

scratch 2.0 on the raspberry PI 3

even better will be the thing as scratch in Raspbian is installed. However, it is scratch 1.4. This is similar to, but just not the latest version.

you can use the scratch 2 but also with a raspberry PI 3. However, you need the chromium browser and Adobe Flash for that. But both components are included in the latest version of Raspbian and nothing more in the way stands your creativity.

If you call chromium and then the project page, the Flash component is blocked but at first.

Chromium blockiert Flash per Standard blocked now you Flash by default

chromium simply click with the right mouse button on the puzzle piece and allow the plug-in, that can run from it.

Dieses Plug-in ausführen

this plug in to run

then it takes depending on your Internet speed a bit and scratch 2 pi 3 runs on the raspberry. The performance is fine, I’d say.

with the right equipment can you PI connected to your TV. Then you gotta lull you in the evening on the couch not by any nonsense, it can grope playfully on the subject of programming language you.

what would you recommend someone, was never to do a programming language?

Nice PI-constellation

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you can gladly give your mustard to this post: here is the comments


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