8 simple to fully enjoy your Android smartphone tips

your smartphone has more secrets than you imagine. These tips and tricks will help you to exploit the potential, with or without applications. All the elements that are presented below can be made easily, great knowledge of Android is not necessary.

1. Play several at the Easter Egg of Marshmallow Android

Easter Egg Android Marshmallow isn’t that a single player game, you can play together on the same screen. In the category “about the unit” in the options, you don’t have to repeatedly press “Version of Android”. Keep pressing Mr. press up on most until you see the number of players, then the game can be started.

flappy bird multiplayer easter egg
the Easter Eggs are original and funny. © ANDROIDPIT

2. Use native Explorer

you probably need not a file manager. Enter the settings and look for “Storage and memory”, then “Storage and USB”. In the end you will find the menu that will allow you to access the file Explorer.

androidpit file commander app
no need to file manager, there is a default! © ANDROIDPIT

3. Connect faster to your networks wireless

did you know that you can connect to WiFi networks without having to type the password? There is a button on the router that allows to avoid having to go the long password. Sometimes you can find written WPS/Reset top, or so you can find the two arrows like on the image below.

The acronym made reference to Wi – Fi Protected Setup that allows to connect the router with the smartphone, for a short time labs when it is configured for this mode. Enter the WiFi options, select “Advanced” and press “Use WPS”. The connection should be carried out in a few seconds.

Androidpit wps push w782 2
the connection without watermark is posisble. © AndroidPIT

4. Speed up animations

enter the options for developers and are looking for “Scale length of animation”. Set the value to 0.5. Thus, menus open two times faster and the smartphone is more responsive.

androidpit FR duree animations
by default, the duration of the animation is set to one. We recommend that you opt for 0.5. © AndroidPIT

5. Place settings on the home screen

you are using certain parameters (very) regularly? Whether Managing Dual SIM, Bluetooth or WiFi, you can create a shortcut to your homescreen. Go to widgets and search settings (1 x 1), and then associate the shortcut to the item you want.

android settings widget huawei mate 9
the widgets settings can make it easier. © AndroidPIT

6. Use the smartphone with the mouse

your screen is broken? Plug in a mouse! You don’t need a cable OTG and you can use it. With this adapter you can also connect game controllers, USB keys and much more still. 

AndroidPIT control a phone with a mouse 1
who said that you cannot use mouse on Android? © AndroidPIT

7. Use features of Android updates

when you make large updates, you may not see new features which are of interest. Each Android version brings a lot of new features, all are not visible but overall they deserve the detour (otherwise they would not be implemented!).

8. use the secret codes

smartphone makers and telephone companies allow you to use codes that you type in your smartphone to access certain information. For example, they allow you to turn off your answering machine, view the IMEI numbers or even to access menus secrets. Of course, we have listed all these secret codes for Android

Do you know any other tips that deserve to get into this list?

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