6 things to never forget to do with your smartphone

our Android smartphones can do many things but exploit us really to their full potential? Probably not. We constantly complain that our battery is flat or storage the unit is saturated but if we took really good habits with our smartphones, we wouldn’t be not there. Here are some rules to follow to make your smartphone more convenient and more enjoyable to use on a daily basis. 

choses faire smartphone

1. Use the power saving

batterie android

you bitch constantly that your smartphone battery does not last all day, but do you really everything you need not to push it to its limits? There are dozens of tips improve the autonomy of its smartphone but Android also offers an option that, once enabled, will be alone to limit energy consumption: the famous battery saver

it is on the stock since Android Lollipop but also version on most overlays in different forms and different names such as Sony’s STAMINA mode. Despite the differences, it offers substantially the same from one brand to another: minimal reduction of the performance and the brightness of the screen and data exchanged in the background. When activated, the effects can sometimes prove to be spectacular.

2. limiting data thanks to Chrome

chrome donnees

If you use Chrome, then you are not unaware that the Google browser offers a mobile data saver that allows you to consume less of data. The principle is very simple, data from web sites first through Google’s servers where they are then compressed before you get up your browser. The procedure remains transparent on your side but the economy of data is real.

3. monitor your data usage

donnes android

did you Android was also proposing a tool to calculate and limit your consumption of mobile data? If your fair use monthly is limited, it will avoid you reach the end of your package before the end of the month.

With this tool, you can place markers to the renewal dates of your package as well as a limit: the data that you allow you to consume over this period. You will then receive a warning when it is about to be reached soon but can also identify with this tool which applications consume the most of mobile data.

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4. Use Google Now and OK Google

ok google

Google Now is or absolutely great tool which has greatly improved in recent years but not always used. Yet, it is a valuable time saver, especially if you care to activate voice control OK Google.

In addition, since Marshmallow, Google Now has spread to every corner of our smartphone thanks to Google Now we Tap that allows to perform a contextual search based on the content displayed on the screen, without having to leave the current application. How stop once one has tasted?

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5. Transfer your data on micro SD card

micro sd android

most of the Android smartphones offer micro SD slots and most of us use a memory card in their smartphone. Must they they really use it. When you buy an SD card, is not to store the data on the internal memory of the smartphone and finally reach a point of saturation.

A micro SD card allows to save the pictures and videos taken with the device as well as application data. If more your smartphone supports the “Adoptable Storage” function available from Android Marshmallow and that allows you to merge internal memory and external memory, then the micro SD card will be recognized as an internal memory extension, either as an external device, then frankly, why not?

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6. Clean your smartphone on a regular basis

nettoyer android

outside of the space occupied by the operating system, applications and personal files, our smartphones are full of waste. Yet it is so simple to clean from time to time for more storage.

Just for this thinking to remove applications that you do not use regularly or more, the APK files that no longer serve to nothing once the application installed, or the different files that you download sometimes by surfing the web. And do not neglect either to transfer regular photos and videos on your PC or other external storage medium, as you already do with your camera.

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