6 dramatic consequences of the arrival of the smartphone in your life

since the first iPhone, the smartphone as we know it today emerged in our daily lives. Our smartphone accompanies us everywhere, at work, at leisure, on vacation. This small concentration of technology has literally changed our lifestyles. So much so that sometimes, it is he who takes orders. Here are 6 consequences of the arrival of the smartphone in our life.

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The smartphone you fatigue a lot

some will insist to say that this is absolutely not the case, and yet it is scientifically proven. Several studies have shown that the smartphone tended to tire a lot users. Firstly, because that have their eyes fixed on a screen over the day has consequences on our eyes. Blue lights including tend to attack us. consequences: tingling, fatigue, and longer term view deficient.

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But this isn’t what fatigue most. It is in fact nervously that we tire more. Indeed, the influx of notifications triggered several phases of stress during the day. These peaks of stress triggers a nervous fatigue that has physical consequences. You feel more tired and even for the more connected really exhausted at the end of the week.

How to filter the blue light of your screens and improve your sleep

but keeps you at the same time to sleep

it’s ironic, but if the smartphone is causing a lot of fatigue, users tend to less sleep . This is simply the tendency to use the smartphone in bed before going to sleep. The uses are varied, ranging from sending messages to the consultation of social networks through small game sessions. In all cases, the use of the smartphone delay bedtime for many users.

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Moreover, the blue lights of the screens here still have consequences on sleep. They tired but excited at the same time the nervous system. We sleep less well, and less time. It is therefore recommended to without any type of screen before sleep , a good book, a discussion or any activity of your choice is preferable.

You have more attention problems

here again, this is a point that has been scientifically proven. The smartphone has consequences on the attention, concentration. Notifications tend to get out us of our present activity. We’ve all experienced moments where we focused on our work until a notification comes to interrupt our hard work.

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And for many it is difficult to resist the temptation to watch what is this notification. So out of what we do, and we took the opportunity to go for a ride on our favorite applications. Difficult then to get back to work.

Your human relationships are less authentic

this lack of attention is felt not only in business but also in our human relations. You have all experienced these scenes where you’re at a restaurant and where you see couples who do not speak and consult with their smartphones. It also works for groups of friends, families, etc.

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the smartphone has taken such a place in our lives as some prefer their “relationship” virtual to real relationships. behaviors that many are disappointed but do not really change.

You don’t really take advantage of the present moment

is directly related to the previous point. If the smartphone has degraded human relations (it looks rather the use of some) this is also the case when it comes to spend pleasant moments. On vacation, in museums, in the face of wonderful landscapes, many users don’t take advantage of the present moment.

If you went to the Museum recently you’ll have probably noticed that many people admire most works but spend a lot of time to find the best angle to take a selfie in the face of these works. The goal (subconsciously for many): staging my life on social networks . And if you doubt it, let’s go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, you will understand.

You’re wasting a lot of time free

Finally, and this is probably one of the most important points, since the arrival of the smartphone, people tend to waste a lot of time free . Multiple applications triggered some strange reflexes that are wasting their time. They linger a little too long on social networks, sometimes play games frantically without really fun.

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While we are working more and more, and more quickly, the little free time have left us is often devoted to trivial things. We back by reading a good book, watching a good movie. Many such have their eyes fixed on their phones while watching a movie and are really immersed in the story. These are only examples of what can be seen more often. But the numbers speak: today a user spends nearly 4 hours a day on my smartphone .

Conclusion: you are not a slave to your smartphone

away from us the idea of morality, we are also part of those users who tend to let themselves be ‘eaten’ by our smartphones. It is clear that we are today slaves of our mobile companions , and not necessarily for the better.

Because ultimately a smartphone experience is never optimal. It is more pleasant to play on a portable console rather than on a smartphone, taking pictures with a real camera is much more exciting than with the smartphone etc. What was there to be an extra tool has become the norm and we are embarking by neglecting these significant moments of life.

Of course, all users are not very connected. And that’s a good thing because the health effects are proven (fatigue, stress). Then be connected, Yes, but not at any price. Let’s not forget that technology is at our service and not the reverse.

Addiction to smartphones: we tell you everything!

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