6 biggest losers of Android in 2016

on the side of Android, 2016 has been a rich year in new products but also in disasters. As every year, manufacturers have proposed interesting smartphones, but they also made mistakes and took directions that we would have preferred to avoid. Here are our top six big disappointments of 2016. Those we already regret. 

android deceptions

1. The disaster of the Galaxy notes 7

Galaxy Note 7

expected with impatience, as its predecessor was not released by us. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 7 was a Flash in the Pan, that is the case to say. Barely launched, here he began to explode from all sides. Samsung then immediately charged battery before Recalling all models in circulation to replace them with new units equipped with batteries from another provider.

Unfortunately, these new models began to explode in turn, and in mid-October, Samsung announced the death of the Galaxy notes 7 and withdrew my phablette of the market.

2. the Google Pixel / Pixel XL not available in France

Google Pixel

all had started so well. On October 4, Google announced its first two smartphones House Google Pixel and Pixel XL . Two very high-end devices coming to succeed to the Nexus 5 X and 6 p. Unfortunately, we don’t always not saw the color.

Two new Google Phone are available in various countries including the United States where it seem to meet some success but not in France. Probably the fault of Google Wizard, which is not yet available in our language. A big disappointment because we are deprived of these two new stock Android monsters which, moreover, are to be the best photophones of the market.

3. the LG G5 fiasco


the G5 LG seemed so convincing in my presentation at MWC. To the program a new design, but always with a removable battery, and above all, a system of modules impressive on paper because it would allow to add additional features to the phone.

Unfortunately, the sauce did not at all. Only two modules have been proposed and at relatively high prices. In addition, several users have highlighted the presence of different issues related to autonomy but also to modules that were failing. Result, LG G5 sales were catastrophic .

4. the phasing out of the Jack

Moto Z jack

LeEco was the first manufacturer to offer a smartphone without jack socket then it was the turn of Lenovo with my bike Z. Meanwhile, Apple has done the same with its iPhone 7 and 7 more and since everyone seems determined to get started. HTC has already begin with a HTC Evo 10 without taking jack and Samsung should follow the year next with my Galaxy S8.

Without jack, it is still possible to use my old helmet with an adapter, but it’s now less convenient. More a question of listening to music with headphones while charging! Manufacturers have found the opportunity to save space but at the expense of the user.

5. the lack of originality of the manufacturers

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

this trend was already observed in 2015 but it is accentuated in 2016. All manufacturers copy each other. The Galaxy S7 Edge curved screen is now present in several Chinese competitors, others continue to copy the design of the iPhone, and meanwhile, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is a true copy / paste of the Galaxy Note 7.

Fortunately, the Chinese manufacturer has found the way to to differentiate with a borderless Xiaomi Mi Mix . But when all its competitors propose to turn smartphones without borders and all phones are more than large identical rectangles, it will be the end of the innovative designs.

6. the end of the Project Ara

Project Ara

we believe at bottom. When Google took over the Ara Project at Motorola, he was not lack of making big promises about him. Unfortunately, the years have passed and he has never set foot in the market. Its release date was constantly postponed and beginning of September, that’s what we learned that Google had abandoned its smartphone modular . According to analysts, this decision would be linked to production costs too high modules and their bulky appearance but it’s still a great disappointment.

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