5 stories on LG you know not

Samsung is the most popular Korean company but, unlike what may think some, LG is also of South Korean origin. Just like my rival, he is a conglomerate of companies ( chaebol , to be precise) that extends through its different branches on a variety of sectors.

1. The name reflects the history of the company

I don’t teach you anything by telling you that LG is an acronym. What these letters make reference so they? The name itself reminds us the history of the company. In 1947, LG was composed of an industry focused on industrial chemistry and especially the product ion of household products: Lak-Hui, pronounced Lucky. In 1958, another branch, Goldstar, specialized in electronic products. You guessed it, LG Electronics today represents the extension of what was GoldStar at the time.

In 1995, the two companies merged to form Lucky-Goldstar but the name being rather long, a brand has decided to shorten it by taking its acronym. LG Cable, called Goldstar Cable in 1969 and then became officially LG Cable in 1995, has decided to leave the LG group but has preserved my name.

AndroidPIT lg v20 0799
the V20 is a very good smartphone of LG. © AndroidPIT

2. The European headquarters of LG Electronics is now in Frankfurt

like any international giant self-respecting, LG must have a seat in Europe. The premises are located in London, but LG has decided to move to Frankfurt, Germany. Several theories to explain this change, but the exit of the United Kingdom to the European Union is not one of the reasons since the decision had been made in April. However, other high-tech giants are planning to leave their headquarters in the United Kingdom, including Samsung and Facebook.

Why has LG he opted for Frankfurt? One of the reasons is obvious: the Germany is strategically more interesting than the United Kingdom, told Oliver Grohmann, Vice President of LG Electronics. Of course we can think of the automotive industry since LG is interested very closely to spare parts, but the solar industry and the interest in electric cars may also weigh in the balance.

3 LG Mobile is rather bad

in the smartphone market brings together numerous actors and, in the middle of many Chinese, we can find our two favourite Korean: Samsung and LG. Samsung was criticized a lot with my Galaxy Note7 and lost a small fortune in this story, but LG Mobile also shows a sad record. The worst in this story, is that any accident or serious incident has happened on the side of LG.

There’s already a little while that LG Mobile is showing signs of slowing down and worries a little bit fans. The results of this quarter are even worse than the previous ones: turnover is $ 19.9 billion, i.e. 23% less than in the same period in 2015. Nothing that in Korea, the decline is 41%. The problem lies mainly on the high-end, smartphones are selling less well. The LG G5 was perhaps innovative but it did help a lot the company.

AndroidPIT lg g5 friends 0352
the modular aspect of the G5 was not really able to convince. © ANDROIDPIT

4. The TV market is led by the Korea but LG is only in second place

several brands share the TV market and, once again, the Korea is honored as Samsung and LG are the frontrunners. In 2015, Samsung accounted for 21% of the market, LG represented 12.6% him. The difference between the two is clear, but if it is any consolation Sony is far behind 6.5% of market share.

This is subject to reflection since the two brands have lost ground. Samsung fell back to the level it had in 2013 but LG is well down and doesn’t bode well. We will see if the numbers go back in 2016, but Chinese and Japanese competition (Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, to name but a few) seems to weaken them. Clearly, smartphones and televisions are very developed at LG.

the Korea is honored as Samsung and LG are the leading Pack

5. The atmosphere between LG and Sony was not looking good

it is not new that the giants of the high-tech steal patents to each other Sony blamed in late 2010 to LG in violating 7, but the Japanese manufacturer is not free from reproach because he himself took a trial by the Korean manufacturer. In 2011, LG filed a complaint because Sony infringed patents of LG in connection with TV and Blue-ray players. These readers are used on the PS3, the case has grown.

Thus, PlayStation has been removed the right of entry into some countries. The two giants agreed and complaints have been dropped and PS3 sales/deliveries resumed. 

Do you know other anecdotes about LG?

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