5 reasons why Google should sell the Pixel in France

more than one and a half months after its formalization by Google, the Pixel continue to fuel conversations with fans and the press. Yet, these new jewels 100% Google still don’t seem to happen in France. I blame Google who decided to not market in France. However, there are a few reasons hope that make think that the Pixel may well be entitled to a good outing and due form soon.

1. The Pixel Google offer the best experience Android market

unlike its competitors, Google Pixel rely not on the eccentricity or originality to be sold but on perfection of its software part and the perfect optimization with its hardware. For a first smartphone, it is clear that the Mountain View company has done has done a great job. As I explained in my test, Apple had my iPhone. Google now has its Pixel.

AndroidPIt google pixel 9884
you are guaranteed to receive the latest updates of Android in priority. © AndroidPIT

are the Pixel simply Android smartphones providing the best experience the mobile OS from Google has to offer. Fluidity, stability and performance are at the rendezvous. Do nothing to spoil, they are assured of receiving the latest updates of Android. Finally, with the Pixel, Google offers a service of support and assistance from 9: 00 to 21: 00 Monday to Friday and from 10: 00 to 18: 00 the weekend directly from the smartphone.

androidpit google care support
if necessary, you can also easily share the screen of your device with a Google expert for better guide. © AndroidPIT

2. Demand from the public is very strong

even though the terminal is not officially available in France, the public seems to already looking forward to the mobile. Sites specialized in the import work at full capacity and prices soar. Social networks and our site full of messages to Google for a release date on the french territory.

meet the demand of users is one of the main basic elements of trade

meet the demand of users is one of the main elements of commerce database, and ignore it could simply mean a risk over the long term for Google and its line of smartphones.

3. Google Assistant will be soon available in french

press at my announcement, Lena Heuermann, Manager of Google Germany who I had asked the question had told me that Google Wizard, the new voice assistant of Google and major asset of the Pixel, had to be fully functional in french to consider a release in France. However, the clues around next availability french Assistant multiply in recent weeks. 

Not out of the Pixel in France was one of the great disappointments of the year 2016

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the best part comes from the Canada. There, the Pixel sold come with a sticker announcing the availability next Google Wizard in french. So, that means that Google would now last Google wizard tests in the language of Molière to be available very soon in a final version. Once this problem is solved, there is then no more worries for marketing of smartphones here.

4. The phone is a great success

sales began for a month and a half in some countries yet they are already very good. It is estimated that Google will be able to sell next year at more than 2.5 million pixels. Brian Nowak, a Morgan Stanley analyst, is even more optimistic with more than 5.5 million smartphones. 

Evidence is that Pixels are especially expected by the fans of Android terminals.  Hard to imagine, therefore, that the trend is not the same in France…

5. These are, with the Galaxy S7, the best photophones of the moment

in their presentation, Google had cited the reference photo DXOMark Institute to proclaim that the Pixels were the best smartphones for taking pictures. In practice, it is roughly true, but differences with the S7 Galaxy are light, the smartphone from Samsung is faster for the development. 

androidpit photos versus pixel
the Pixel is a very good camera phone. © AndroidPIT

be that as it may, pictures taken with the Pixel offer a very specific detail, are sharp and brighter than those of its competitors. Even in the absence of optical stabilization, Google has managed to perfectly integrate the electronic stabilization. 

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and you, expect the Pixel Google forward?

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