5 Chinese manufacturers to absolutely follow in 2017

during the last two years, Chinese manufacturers have stopped growing. If Huawei was already inevitable, Xiaomi, Honor and ZTE have become them also while others less known as LeEco were able to stand out with models capable of becoming the first lighthouses AnTuTu rankings places. In 2017, Chinese manufacturers should still be huge and some may well surprise us.

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huawei dossier

if it is more necessary to present Huawei, one thing is sure, for him, 2016 has been an excellent year. After inauguration of a double photo sensor co-developed with Leica on the P9, he repeated a few months later with a Huawei Mate 9 always equipped with a dual sensor photo and it is already rumored that next year, the recipe will be further improved with the P10.

Huawei who gives himself two years to defeat Apple’s already dangerously close to my rival in terms of market share and no longer hidden ambitions. After elapsed more than 100 million smartphones in 2015 and saw its revenues explode in 2016, Huawei has still to surprise us. The growth recorded by the manufacturer these last two years was enough to shake not only Apple but also Samsung.



what is missing to Xiaomi products aside from the support of all the 4 G frequencies used in the world and a more comprehensive distribution? Not much, the value of its products is more to prove! And here, it may well be that the manufacturer no longer has much to envy to its international competitors.

my Mi Note 2 Xiaomi already comes in an international version that is compatible with all 4G frequencies and the month next, Xiaomi will benefit from THESE to introduce its first product “international”. Although this area is not covered by the teasers, we can already imagine it as a Smartphone. A smartphone that will be undoubtedly marketed in the USA and who knows, maybe in Europe.


leeco dossier

formerly LeTV, who is now named LeEco is not passed unnoticed this year. Its latest smartphone, the LeEco Pro 3 is a real monster powered by a Snapdragon 821 with 6 GB of RAM, it is also the most powerful of all smartphones Android according to AnTuTu. But that’s not all because LeEco is especially part of the rare Chinese manufacturers selling its smartphones also in the USA.

A complicated market to achieve without the support of local operators because if in France, many users now buy their naked smartphones, Americans generally prefer to enjoy subsidies proposed by the operators. Always is that it is an early indication of the ambitions of the brand that you would be surprised to see land in Europe shortly.



if ZTE is not a novice in the business, he was nevertheless able to to stand out this year with its Axon ZTE 7 , a high-end model that brings together all the latest technology of the time, but at significantly lower price than its competitors since it is offered at only 449 euros. A model that is actually the second generation of the Axon ZTE first name launched last year.

Offering high-end at aggressive prices, ZTE follows a strategy that has been proven at OnePlus while offering more substantial than its rival stocks. A strategy that should pay.

Interview: ZTE answers our questions on the Axon 7 and the ambitions of the brand



if it is a builder who has understood everything, it’s Honor. The Chinese automaker has the merit of offering both a balanced range with products likely to fit all needs and all budgets but still sold at contained prices. Its annual flagship, the Honor 8 boasts a value .

Yet he makes no compromises and offers everything one would expect from a high end in 2016, from design to the camera through the performance. A brand that knows how to stay tuned to its clients and should continue to be huge.

Chinese manufacturers are leading the dance for 2017

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