4 smartphones that have marked Android

we often talk about the smartphones that have features out of the common, the sensational results on benchmarks or other technical attributes that make them exceptional. Yet, if you think about it, smartphones we love are not always monsters of power or incredible technological gadgets. Below are four smartphones that may not have made history but who have known marvel to me as well as many other users.

smartphones that mark us most are not always those who are the most powerful, not even those who are the most expensive or most popular. Present smartphones below are far from being the best in the market and yet, for various reasons, yet I look back with some nostalgia. 

1 HTC Explorer

the Explorer HTC is far from an arrow. It has also never been, already at its output in 2011 he was just a pretty average entry-level smartphone. Only, that’s my first smartphone and even if it was slow and had a few bugs, he opened the world of ‘smart’ mobile.

the Explorer HTC is far from an arrow

at the time, my expectations had absolutely nothing to do with those that can be have a Smartphone today. I is surfing the Internet, consulted my emails and discovering the universe of Android (v. thing not big 2.3…), more. my battery was 1230 MAH, my RAM of 512 MB and its 600 MHz processor, and as strange as it may seem I was so very happy.

As weak as it’s been, this smartphone has at least allowed me to discover Android.

2 Samsung Galaxy S2

my HTC Explorer was perhaps endearing but after a year of faithful service, I am separated in favor of a former ‘big’ of the time: the Samsung Galaxy S2, or rather S II as it was written at the time. At the time, it was a big change: finished the lags, more memory internal…

AndroidPIT quiz Samsung Galaxy S2
this smartphone was the great flagship of 2011. © ANDROIDPIT

the Galaxy S3 was out recently, but I was still very proud of my S2 and its high-powered processor running at 1.2 GHz., how wonderful! The RAM, it was 1 GB and the camera 8 megapixels for opening f/2.6. 

This smartphone has accompanied me in many trips and took countless photos (of poor quality, you can imagine), and he also managed to withstand many shocks. This last point has always amazed me, but it’s at that point that I told myself “Is still quality, these Samsung smartphones”.

3 iPhone 5 c

I already see some cry foul, but I maintain that this smartphone has a good side. In 2014 I had fiddled several Android smartphones already and I had the impression of having done the trick. My friends talking to me constantly Apple, had so I decided to take advantage of a reduction to get the iPhone 5 c.

iphone 5c white
the iPhone 5 c enabled me to discover iOS. © Apple

the smartphone don’t bury its competitors thanks to its characteristics (processor 1.3 GHz, 1 GB RAM…) that remind of the S2 elsewhere. It is at this time that I realized something that is obvious: everyone does not have a powerful device. With Android, we sometimes feel that they always possible the greatest Smartphone, but a lot of people want a normal smartphone for normal activity: communication by email instant, web, applications etc. For this use, no need to have the best processor in the market.

I was also able to familiarize myself with iOS which, in my opinion, has some advantages on Android but overall I prefer despite any Android. It allows for greater customization and has many interesting applications.

4 Samsung Galaxy rating 4

phablets world has always interested me. At the beginning it was just out of curiosity: why bother with a big screen? It takes up space in the Pocket, it can be cumbersome and with usage that I was doing my Smartphone I couldn’t interest a large screen. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 4 23
the Galaxy Note 4 is the last Galaxy Note model to be available in France. © ANDROIDPIT

many people around me had one Galaxy Note 4 , so I took advantage of the opportunity to discover a little bit the smartphone and get a real idea about the issue. Firstly, the size is not a big problem I had imagined, the smartphone goes into the Pocket. You get used very quickly to the big screen and we just as quickly balks at the idea of return on a smaller screen.

However, it wasn’t my phone and I had not on a daily basis in my pocket, it is only with the Honor 5 X that I discovered the effect of having a phablette on a daily basis. It is thanks to the Galaxy Note 4 that I have had a first approach to the universe of phablets.

Which smartphones have sentimental value for you? And why?

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