3 reasons to buy the OnePlus 3 T

the OnePlus 3 T is marketed since November 28 last for a slightly higher price (439 euros) than its predecessor, the OnePlus 3 (399 euros to its release). If the price has changed, it must be borne in mind that the smartphone has also changed, and the disappearance of the OnePlus 3 will not only motivate potential customers to opt for this version 2.0 of the flagship. I present below the elements which, for me, are the strength of the phone.

before presenting my arguments I want to remember one thing. The first is that the list that follows is not exhaustive, there are many other reasons to buy the OnePlus 3 T that the three listed below, I simply put the items that seem to be the most important.

A good price/performance ratio

this 3T OnePlus design does not differ much from that of its predecessor, however the appliance we can see several changes in size. On the one hand, we find a newer processor: Snapdragon 821, which is 10% more powerful than the Snapdragon 820, which was in the OnePlus 3. The graphics chip Adreno 630 has also improved, at a height of 5% according to Qualcomm. The internal memory is at least 64 GB, which leaves you time to come, and the RAM is 6 GB.

Clearly, you can run any game without any problems, and multitasking will remain fluid. On benchmarks, it is obviously more powerful than the OnePlus 3 which, let us recall, was already the coast. Since we are talking about speed, I also want to acknowledge the performance of the fingerprint reader, which is really very fast. All this for a price of 439 euros, it’s still a good deal.

androidpit oneplus 3t screen2
the reader of fingerprints of the device is very fast. © ANDROIDPIT

a good software interface

A first view, we might think that OxygenOS 3.5.3 (based on Marshmallow), can be used on this OP3T the most recent interface, addressing followers of Android Stock, and that the manufacturer does not want to get out of this context. In practice, things are different. We are in a very close to Stock Android universe although OnePlus gives the user the ability to change the colors of the interface, so if you find too austere Stock Android you can clear up the menus.

Better yet, you can find some elements of Nougat, such as the Bar notifications or even the night mode that can already see on the Honor 8. Another advantage of this software interface: no application other than Google’s preinstalled. Icing on the cake: Android Nougat should arrive before the end of the year.

oneplus 3t themes fr
do you prefer the interface of dark or light? © ANDROIDPIT

a good autonomy and extremely fast loading

the capacity of the battery is 3400 mAh, IE less than the Galaxy S7 edge (for a same screen size) but higher than that of its predecessor, the OnePlus 3. This 3T OnePlus maybe isn’t the ultimate benchmark for autonomy but he is doing very well, any kind of user will find my account.

The autonomy of the smartphone is one of the most important elements for me

what do you think?

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if it is not necessarily competition characterised by its autonomy, he impresses with my fast reload DASH system. I loaded the device 9 to 100% in 75 minutes, which is relatively good if we take into account the capacity of the battery. OnePlus had announced that the device can hold a whole day after 30 minutes of charge, this won’t be true for an intensive user but with a more ‘classic’ use this could be possible.

Are you going to buy this smartphone? If this isn’t the case, who will be the lucky one?

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