3 games to test for true fans of sport

you live sport? You eat sport? You breathe sports? If you answered Yes to these three questions, you must also love playing games of sports on your smartphone. This is good since in this article, we have therefore selected three games for simulation fans.


FIFA Mobile 2017

with over 30 Championships, 650 true teams and 17 000 real players, FIFA Mobile 2017 is the reference for all football fans. Electronic Arts version 2017 football simulation available on Android since mid-October, offers good graphics and fun gameplay. In this new installment, players are also more emotional and more sensitive to the events during the match.

Another interesting element, well regarded by its designer, the game has been completely redesigned and designed exclusively for mobile with less than 100 MB download size. The only drawback remains that this application requires an Internet connection permanent.

  • tested version: 3.1.0

  • file size: 65.3 MB

  • compatibility: from 4.1 Android

  • business model: free with in-app purchases

FIFA Mobile Football Install on Google Play

F1 2016

want to succeed Nico Rosberg at the top of formula 1? This is now possible on Android since the beginning of December with the F1 2016 game. The simulation so puts you in the heart of the F1 world. You can decide to go the whole season, a single race or a time – watch on one of the 21 official channels of season 2016.

Of course, it is possible to embody all the professional drivers. You can also participate in weekly events online with a new challenge each week. The only flaws, you must have at least 2.67 GB of free space on your device et.debourser almost 10 euros for the game. The editor recommends to restart my camera and close other applications before you start playing. Personally, I have not followed these tips and the game worked properly on my Honor 8.

  • version tested:. 0.1.6

  • file size: 2.67 GB

  • compatibility: from Android 5.0

  • economic model: 9.99 euros

NBA 2 K 17

you want to be the next Lebron James? You want to enter the name of your NBA team preferred in the ranking of the NBA? Look no further: NBA 2K 17 is the right game for you. Compared to the album of last year, my Publisher 2 K has added new historical players. Many small details have also been improved with a career mode more details (with including a rest days Simulator), a Euro League more developed with new teams and the possibility to regularly change the outfit of the teams.

The game, however, retains a major flaw: it is sometimes rather slow, including fairly powerful smartphones. An update should fix the problem but this defect is quite annoying, especially when we know that NBA 2 K 17 costs a mere 8.49 euros.

  • version tested:. 0.0.21

  • file size: unknown

  • compatibility: from Android 4.3

  • economic model: 8.49 euros + in-app purchases

NBA 2 K 17 Install on Google Play

Bonus: NBA 2KVR

if basketball is your thing, NBA 2KVR is the first set of available Android virtual reality basketball. It is compatible with the HTC VIVE, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR helmets. It puts you in the shoes of Paul George, a star of the Indiana Pacers. The different game modes allow you to participate in an exchange of gunfire at three points, speed and accuracy challenges. The goal is to become a professional basketball player of the competition. Count 14.99 euros if you are interested.


and you, what sports games have you downloaded?


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