10 real reasons of rooting your smartphone from now

you have a Galaxy S7 , Pixel or Wiko , there are 1001 reasons of rooting your smartphone: end of the official Android updates, security, removal of the bloatware of applications manufacturer, overclocking, backup, or improvement in the battery. Here are the best examples that address yes to the fateful question: why is it rooting Android?

1. Remove the preinstalled applications

If you have a Samsung, for example, you are not without knowing that the brand’s champion applications pre-installed on Android. While some are very good, if you do not use most of them, you end up with the storage space wasted by them. These applications, called “bloatware” in English, are simply impossible to uninstall in principle because the manufacturers rely on their use. 

The root allows you to remove them: how to uninstall the default applications .

androidpit review honor 5c bloatware fr
preinstalled applications are not a problem in itself, it is impossible to uninstall and the place they occupy that problem. © ANDROIDPIT

2. Increase your battery through the root

there are very many applications that allow you to manage your battery and make use of root rights. We had you already talked to Deep Saver , which already manages the use of the data, and so the battery without the root. The application also allows to manage the use of the processor for smartphones rootes. 

There are applications that are known for their overclocking opportunities (we’ll), which also allow to save at least 20% of battery, I think for example of No-Frills CPU Control

no – frills CPU Control Install on Google Play

If you reduce your CPU clock frequency, you will save energy, and so in battery. According to devices, this can be very effective. Of course, if you have an already modest processor, so you won’t see not necessarily big change, or at the price of very reduced performance. 

3. install new applications

the root allows you to use applcations that make your user experience to the next level. I think of Tasker automate , which allows all just about everything on my smartphone: the change of the brightness level based on time in the automatic appeal depending on the location. 99.9% of the features of your smartphone are concerned, it is a huge plus for lovers of the smartphone and not to forget: passage in silent mode, messages to MOM to say that one is well arrived, etc.

AndroidPIT Moto X Tasker
Tasker is ultra, very complete. © ANDROIDPIT

Tasker Install on Google Play

4. Back up everything, absolutely everything

Backup and backup, it’s the same thing. The root brings you the ability to save a lot more: data from applications in full or almost, users preferences, but also and above all, the root allows to perform NANDroid backups. These are in fact images system which allow to return to a beautiful device brand new happens after a flash, for example. 

For more information:

5. Overclock: improve performance

we talked of no-frills CPU Control in the battery section, that allows to reduce clock speed of the processor to save the battery. The reverse is possible, actually it is even the main purpose of no-frills. Like many applications, the principle is simple: you push the processor to give the best of himself continuously or almost. So, it is not to do heat to damage it, for fun. He comes to give a second life to a device they age for example. It is ideal for a Tablet whose battery is anyway better enough to be mobile, and thus turn it into a multimedia station. 

Do not also miss this mod, which is a typical example of what the root can bring you:

6. Find photos on Android

the root lets you recover photos deleted on your Android device. Application DiskDigger is particularly simple, just start the search, watch the preview of each photo and decide whether you want to get it back. Most: you can send it directly to an email address, without restoring. 

sms back up
without root, we can against back up its SMS .  © ANDROIDPIT

DiskDigger photo recovery Install on Google Play

7. Change the system with a custom


this is perhaps the main reason why most of the user rootent their Android: Flash a custom ROM. Indeed, for a smartphone that no longer receives the official updates, this is the ideal. CyanogenMod or even ParanoidAndroid provide the latest versions of Android devices deprived of the latest features. 

8 customize your mobile

without going to Flash a ROM complete, you can customize its Android through the root to a large extent. The Android cusomisation by excellent tool, it is Xposed Framework. Although its use requires technical knowledge, once you’re familiar with, you can’t without you! The application is not on the Google Store, you can download the APK’s official website: Xposed install . We can go up to edit the boot animation, IE the animation at the start of your device. 

9 increase the memory of your Android

everything is said! The tutorial is a bit long, but once done, you will be able to install many more applications than ever before. The idea is to put your microSD card external to your internal memory, and thanks to the root, Android can’t see the fire!

memory map 1
need more space? Our!  © ANDROIDPIT

our Android for fun!

Seriously, the root is a very good first approach to the exciting world of Android. You will find terms such as bootloader, root, kernel, etc. And if the passion grabs you, you’ll maybe go further! Stay with us, you will probably find a tutorial of mod or root on AndroidPIT.fr!

Remember, the root, this is a serious matter and if check permissions is very important in General, this becomes even more on a rooted Android!

Whether you want to customize, to increase performance or to secure your data, what is the first thing you do with a smartphone rooted? 

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