You're not so clumsy that you think: the broken your Smartphone screen has a scientific explanation

a group of physicists met to answer one of the questions that most tormented mankind in recent years: how is it possible that even if a smartphone is virtually new, the screen is already broken? All the light is finally made on this phenomenon. And the next time you are accused of being awkward, you know who accuse: your enemy, it’s physics.

admit, maybe you aren’t the most careful person in the world. It is possible that sometimes you let your smartphone all day without protection, without even a shell first prize that protects from damage or breakage. It may even be that you have accused of having two left hands on more than one occasion. It’s not serious. You have sermons for years like what you can don’t tell you, while all this time, the culprit in your so-called awkwardness was perfect: this cursed physics.

Professor Robert Matthews, who teaches at the University of Aston, joined Motorola as part of their ShatterShield technology, to explain the probability of a breakdown of each fall of smartphone screen.

motorola phone drop
the science that lies behind the fall of the smartphone. © Weber Shandwick

as you can see at the top of this picture, while holding the phone in the hand fingers are below the center of gravity of the aircraft. This increases the risk of falling and therefore, facilitates a landslide fell on the floor. When the device out of hand, he begins to rotate which depend on several factors. We can calculate the speed at which it runs for my fall in the following formula.

formula caida motorola 2
to better understand the awkwardness. © Weber Shandwick

L determines the measures of your smartphone, the gravitational acceleration g, p = 2δ/L is the outgoing setting, δ covers the distance to the ground, and θ is the angle of the smartphone when it starts its rotation.

the bread and butter falling always on the wrong side, is not of Murphy’s law, is a law of physics

the study concluded that if it takes into account the measures and shape of the smartphone, as the distance to the ground, the duration of the fall is too short so that the device can perform a complete inward turn and fall front side. In other words, when your smartphone escapes you from the hands, there are chances that it falls on the wrong side.

This is not the first time that science explains a phenomenon thought to be due to our bad luck. The bread and butter that always come down on the wrong side, this isn’t a Murphy’s law, it’s a law of physics. In 2013, Professor Chris Smith, of Manchester Metropolitan University, led a group of experts to explain this eternal mystery. Experiences have shown that following the route of the bread and butter to the end, makes 1.5 turn before reaching the ground. The chaos that ensues is therefore inevitable.

Of course, this explanation does not value of warning and physics will not ensure the repair of your screen. And she did not explain either why your smartphone has fallen more times than the rest of humanity. This may be for another study.

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