Your smartphone can reveal about you

is not a surprise. Much of our life is inside our smartphone: calls, SMS, emails, Geotagging, photos or even videos.  But much of our life is also outside our smartphone. According to a scientific study published this month by the Academy of sciences , it is possible to determine a lot about the owner of a smartphone simply by analyzing the oily layer left on the screen by the daily manipulations. 

we are not as discrete or own we can think. Science shows us again and it’s the smartphone that betrays us this time. Indeed, researchers at the University of California in San Diego could reveal the molecular identification of individuals through their smartphone.

Help the police and justice

the origin of this study came from the willingness of researchers to help scientific police services. DNA and fingerprints found in the business do not have indeed a where the individual who filed them appears in the files of the Police. Scientists tried to develop a new method of analysis to profile individuals through what they have touched. So, by studying closely an object that would be found at a crime scene, and more especially the chemical traces left by its owner, it would be possible to get useful information about my lifestyle, my medical treatment, my clothes, my habitures or my schedule. 

Let’s all have a significant number of molecules on our smartphones

in order to put into practice their theory, the scientists recovered smartphones of 39 test subjects who agreed to lend itself to this game. The idea of the smartphone came naturally since they left the principle that our cell phone is in contact with our hands, our face, our mouth and our hair. Using q-tips, the researchers then recovered chemicals left traces on the devices but also samples of the tracks on the Palm of the right hand of their owners. 

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Opinion 2073
on some smartphones, it is easy to see the traces that can be let. © ANDROIDPIT

amazing results

thanks to the molecules in the skin or sometimes sweat left on the phone, the researchers were able to see the 9 individual had taken a medication against inflammation of the skin, the 2 was undergoing treatment for hair regrowth, 10 used eye drops, 16 was taking treatment for fungus the 32 ate citrus and 21 took an antidepressant treatment.

scientists have even guessed that a woman had recently been camping

better, scientists have even guessed that a woman had recently been camping. How? Thanks to traces of sunscreen and repellent on my cell phone. Balance sheet of history, our smartphone is somewhat our modern health book! 

Do you regularly clean your smartphone with a rag? 

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