Yes, it's the best time of year to buy a smartphone

one of the questions that comes up most often is: what is the best time to buy a smartphone? It is obvious that if your device explodes no longer works, need you another quickly. Or maybe you simply want to buy a new one because the former do more please? Rejoice, dear readers, because the next few weeks are the best time to buy a smartphone.

contrary to what can be read here and there, there are actually moments of the year most conducive to the purchase of a smartphone. The beginning of the winter period is the best time to me to buy a new device, do you know why? 

Because there will be good opportunities in this end of year

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

the regulars of the bargains are familiar with these two events. Black Friday takes place on Friday following the American holiday of Thanksgiving: most brands and stores in connection with technology offer big discounts on some of their devices. In other words, it is huge balances that will delight all those who want to buy a camera.

Cyber Monday is more or less the same thing as Black Friday but it takes place 3 days later, on Monday. However, in France, most of the offers are available from Friday to Monday in order to attract more users… and of course to maximize profit. 

black Friday approach. © AndroidPIT

you can be certain that during this long weekend, many sales platforms (mainly the ones online such as Amazon, Cdiscount and many others) will offer tempting offers. Keep in mind that there will be no reduction devices. Apple, for example, offers generally more nothing when these balances. From a business perspective, it is also likely to get a out devices recently already a reduction, but we can always be surprised…


traditionally, Christmas is a religious holiday. However, beyond the birth of the little Jesus in addition, many other elements, including a fat bearded man dressed in white and Red who brings gifts. If you offered gifts, it’s that there is a demand. If there is a demand, there is a desire to maximize profits. This explains why you may find great discounts for Christmas. 

Here again, it is difficult to know in advance what will be proposed. We can see the flow of stocks and/or promotions on the previous years models, or even recent models at lower prices to be sold more easily… Everything is possible.

He better take advantage of a special offer that pay phone full pot.

What do you think?

Because there will be more new flagships before MWC

some people buy the flagships as they are released, regardless of the price. Others expect the best quality/price ratio for action. Only the Huawei Mate 9 and soon the OnePlus 3 T will be commercicalises in the near future, so unless you want to buy one of its smartphones (benefiting perhaps an offer when they came out) you will have to wait for the MWC to see the high-end of the most popular manufacturers. I also take the opportunity to remind that Samsung will likely not a smartphone at MWC 2017 but much later, in the second quarter.

You can of course wait until the new flagship is marketed in France (or at least can be imported), this will take months but if it’s the phone of your dreams the wait should be earned. Otherwise, if you want a good phone at a good price, this is the best time.

Except for some irreducible (Hello Apple), consumer prices over time so more you wait, the more you’ll find cheap. In 2 or 3 months, the decline is not always exceptional, but if you want to buy a flagship of last year (for example a Galaxy S6 ) you probably noticed for a while that the price has dropped. The good news is that if they benefit from the reduction in Black Friday or Christmas, it will cost even less!

the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Amazon price

$ 487 . 18


which smartphones need to be purchased if they are offered on sale?

it is difficult to answer this question so much desires/needs may be different from one person to another. We can tell you what are the best phablets of the time, or what are the best smartphones according to various criteria, but it often happens that the user is attached to a brand and buys everything simply a newer version of the same phone range. For example, a user of the Galaxy S5 or of the S6 Galaxy will more easily opt for a Galaxy S7 a LG G5 . Whatever it is, you should find your happiness in one or other of our tests.

the Samsung Galaxy S7 Amazon price

$ 585 . 99


is that what you plan to purchase a smartphone soon?

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